Portrait of Adam Rosina - Buffalo, NY Punk Legend and Misanthropic film critic for auxiliary magazine,

Welcome to 2013! I wanted to kick off the blog this year with some new work, starting with these portraits of writer Adam Rosina I created late last year.

Adam Rosina is the hard-drinking, foul-mouthed film critic and cultural essayist for Auxiliary Magazine – known as much as for his profanity laced and vitriol filled rants aimed at iconic directors like Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg as he is for his storied past in the rust belt punk scene. Despite his fearsome reputation as a renegade film journalist Adam remained an erudite and witty conversationalist during this assignment, cigarette always in hand as he jumped rapidly back and forth between topics as varied as the tropes of 60’s Japanese gangster films and his current love of the My Little Pony cartoon.

Winter was just starting to roll into Buffalo when we shot these images just down the street from my home. I wanted a setting that would offset Adam’s grittier style and too often the rust belt is portrayed as little more than a graveyard of derelict factories. The cultivated hedges and ivy of this neighborhood seemed a fitting setting for a writer who has made the conflicted personality of his city an integral part of his work.

Adam Rosina - Punk Rock Rebel Film Essayist for Auxiliary Magazine