Media Designer Devin Caskie

In the weeks leading up to me moving out of my old studio I spent a lot of time shooting small personal projects like this duo of portraits of the stylish and talented media designer Devin Caskie. Equipment had been packed up and stored for the duration of the renovations we had planned at the new space and I had a short period of downtime between two major projects that allowed me to work on some images that had been stuck in my head for a while like this one. Devin and I have a mutual friend in makeup artist Nicole Barry who brought us together for this project and knew that I would find Devin’s unique style very interesting.

This project marks my first time collaborating with Mark Montalvo of Skin Digital, a wonderful retoucher and digital artist who has handled the post-production on a number of projects for me lately. I am excited to  partner with such a talented creative to make unique imagery and bring even higher production value to personal and client assignments alike. Working with Mark has been a great experience so far because we approach the post-production aspects of an image with a similar philosophy and because he is able to decipher my often rambling and scattered retouching notes.

Media Designer Devin Caskie

Once Vintage

There has been a long-standing collaboration between Marie Vaccarello and I – we started working together when she was just starting her career as a model and I was returning from my long self-imposed exile from the photography business to begin shooting again with a fresh start.  We have been lucky enough to work on some great projects together and have had clients send us on some pretty cool adventures. From the earliest days of shooting in my basement before I moved back into a studio, to rooftop productions on downtown buildings high above the street, legendary historical structures, and even in the remains of crumbling churches we have been lucky enough to continue to push each other to constantly be better at what each of us does. I love to work with Marie because in many ways she serves as a reminder of just how far I have come from a time when I almost gave up. Every now and then I go back and look at all the work we have created together throughout the years to see how much we have both grown as artists.

Most recently we came together to create some images for another friend of ours – stylist, curator, and designer Molly Hoeltke. Molly and I have worked on many editorial and commercial assignments together (more than a few with Marie), but recently Molly also launched her new fashion collection – Once Vintage, a sustainable fashion reuse project that brings together her eye for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and impeccable garment construction skills. Molly recreates past treasures by updating them with a modern aesthetic edge – both reducing waste and creating truly unique garments for her buyers.

Makeup: Stephanie Signorelli

Hair: Jessica A. Tozzo

Beth and Jason's Engagement Party

Dungaree Dolly and Jason's Engagement Photos

My friends Beth (from and Jason (from the Royal Crowns) had their amazing engagement party over the weekend and I got a chance to take this über adorable engagement photograph of them as an engagement gift that really shows off this wonderful couple’s unique style. Congratulations you two!

Quick Cuts – Vaunt


Vaunt was in town briefly for a shoot with Auxiliary Magazine. I was glad to have a chance, albeit in an extremely limited window of time, to work with her in the few scant minutes of light we had left. It was a simple casual and fun shoot which resulted in a very rewarding image.

The Archive of Embarrassment – I Have the Same Hairline Now

The Archive of Embarrassment is a collection of outtakes, personal photos, light tests, and self portraits that amuse me, mainly because they are a terrible and hillarious embarrassment for me or the people in them.

Photographer Luke Copping as a child

1. This chair makes an appearance in several shots of me 2. I look like The Leader from The Incredible Hulk 3. Did someone cut my hair this way? or was a losing it at a young age

The Archive of Embarrassment – Childhood Edition

The Archive of Embarrassment is a collection of outtakes, personal photos, light tests, and self portraits that amuse me. Mainly because they are a terrible and hillarious embarrassment for me or the people in them.

Luke Copping - circa 1984

On a recent trip to my parents house, the photo album inevitably came out to show my girlfriend all the worst moments of my childhood. This one is personal favorite of mine, illustrating that even as a toddler I had mad hipster style.

© 1984 – My Dad

Quick Cuts – Molly Hoeltke

Fashion stylist molly hoeltke

Fashion stylist, friend, and collaborator Molly Hoeltke needed a bio shot for an interview and profile piece thats being done on her.  Heres a quick cut from those images. Molly has worked with me on a variety of projects ranging from magazine editorials to my own self directed projects for promotional images. Molly has a unique eye for combining vintage pieces with unique one of a kind contemporary designs. You may have seen her pop up once or twice in behind the scenes photos here on the blog as well.

Antiquarian Luxury

Antiquarian luxury web tear cyberoptix

Cyberoptix Tie Labs has long been one of my favorite designers of unique men’s accessories. Bethany Shorb runs one of the largest ecologically friendly and solvent free screen printing shops in the country, making thoughtful and bold statements in the creation of unique neckwear while minimizing any environmental impact in her hometown of Detroit, MI. Outside of her work as lead designer for Cyberoptix, Bethany has also toured the country with her experimental musical project Toybreaker and designed riveting couture fashions outside the accessories market, including the touring wardrobe for Skinny Puppy’s 2004 world tour.

I photographed several of the Cyberoptix Tie Lab designs last year for a designers feature run in an independent alternative fashion magazine. A small series of editorial images were created for the piece using one of Western New York’s most decadent and luxurious restaurants as a backdrop, it was a brilliant location to shoot Bethany’s ties in, awash in rich red velvets, dark woods, and accented with stunning collections of distinct objects ranging from avian taxidermy to a collection of rare vintage spirits.  It was the perfect setting to allow some interesting vintage menswear to be infused with the punky edge and  darkly intelligent tie designs that Cyberoptix provided. I knew that I had become an instant fan of Bethany’s work when I had decided on the spot to buy several of the ties she had provided for the production rather than returning them to her, most notably Raven and Gasmask, they have since become favorite pieces of my wardrobe.

I was excited when Bethany wanted to use one of the images from the original editorial, after it had initially run, on the Cyberoptix homepage to promote her ExLibris tie. The combination of her tie design laid over part of the image as well as the typography she come together to create an alluring whole, one that I was extremely happy to be a part of, especially given Bethany’s reputation as a young, popular, and passionate designer who is creating stunning yet environmentally responsible garments in a city generally held to be outside of the major fashion markets.