Personal Record 10.6.2011

Personal Record is a new regular Thursday feature here on my blog, an ongoing stream of the images I make outside of my professional career. The personal images, mobile images, outtakes, and  random candid images that I take on my iPhone, my X100, my 5D MKII or whatever other camera I happen to have handy at the time; a documentation of my day-to-day life and the things I come across that interest me visually.

Some behind the scenes previews from an experimentation session in the studio this week, as I took time to work on some new lighting ideas and concepts with my friends Holli and Nicole.

I spent a lot of time out in the streets this week, walking around and making images of a lot of the overhead views that I often neglect in my day-to-day commute.

Oddly enough, one of the more interesting images of my lunch ever taken.

Watching the changes in the weather and quality of light around here is fascinating sometimes.

An interesting street scene I stumbled across the other day whole running errands.

Two interesting pieces of street art I saw this week.

With all the urban imagery this week, I felt compelled to through in a bit of nature.

The sidewalk that runs along the trolley tracks in the theatre district.

An interesting bridge of repeating arches not far from my studio.

The hallway of my building.

Your’s truly, waiting for Chinese food over the weekend.

A simple lighting fixture that makes quite the nice abstract formation.

One of the more interesting images from a day spent driving around in the rain.

Two monitor captures from a recent project I am wrapping up the post production on. I really love the weird Max Headroom-esque qualities that come through with these monitor grabs.