Required Reading

• Showing what can be done with a single camera, and great visual storytelling, The Julien Henry directed video for Vitalic’s Second Lives will truly impress if you can stop laughing long enough to pay attention. A second, but definitely NSFW edit of the video is available here.

• Stop motion photography videos have started to become a little dry and repetitive as of late. Thats why I am glad to see something that pushes the boundaries of creativity of that genre a little bit more. Olympus’ sequel to the their original PEN story really does push those ideas into something really cool and impressive.

• SLC photographer Jake Garn demonstrates some of the powerful abilities of using light room and photoshop together with his post production demos that make you think outside the box.

• Though he is responsible for most of my internet time wasting, I still think Michael Swaim from Those Aren’t Muskets is a true genius of web comedy and geek humor.

• For those working in the editorial field, Rob Haggart of at has a great breakdown on real world estimates and contracts for the editorial market.