Celebrity stylist and creative consultant Tiffani Moore of Traveling Trousseau

I’m a fan of improbable things — Tiffani Moore

Today I’m sharing a new portrait I shot at the end of 2016 of the amazing celebrity stylist and creative consultant Tiffani Moore of Traveling Trousseau – a creative firm with social change as its core mission. Tiffani was also a recent NY1 New Yorker of the week for the work Traveling Trousseau has done with Susan’s Place – a homeless shelter in the Bronx. Tiffani’s other clients include Gbenga Akkinagbe, Alonzo Mourning, Lisa Price, Matt Barnes, McDonalds, Del Monte, Trojan, Neutrogena and many more.

Be sure to check out her fantastic Creative Mornings talk here.


Stylist Erin Moser

I am really lucky to get to work with some really creative people, and sometimes I like to take pictures of them too.

This is a series of portraits of Erin Moser, an amazing hairstylist that I have had the pleasure of working with a few times on some editorial assignments (and she does my girlfriend’s hair too). Fantastically talented at what she does and possessing a singular and unique sense of style, Erin and I had not worked together in some time – but a few months ago she reached out to me to team up with her and her salon as part of a charity event they were organizing.

Styling for a Cure was a fundraiser for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute that involved some of Buffalo’s best stylists creating dramatic looks for cancer survivors using bright, candy-floss pink wigs that I then photographed. Roswell Park has been an important part of Buffalo’s long medical research history since its founding 100+ years ago – it was the first medical facility dedicated solely to the research and treatment of cancer in America.

During our collaboration on that event we decided to team up again. This time our goal was to create some new images of Erin as part of a small personal project I have been working on – producing a series of portraits of many of the area’s edgier creatives and artists (check out the recent images of writer and film critic Adam Rosina from the same series). Though we shot in studio for a good part of the day (due to the chaotic weather) the logistics of the outdoor segments of this shoot were the most interesting – we only had a small window of time to produce these images as huge storm clouds started to roll in off Lake Erie. We managed to break set, load up the cars, and get out of there just as the wind, rain, and lightening hit.

Erin Moser

Erin Moser

Quick Cuts – Molly Hoeltke

Fashion stylist molly hoeltke

Fashion stylist, friend, and collaborator Molly Hoeltke needed a bio shot for an interview and profile piece thats being done on her.  Heres a quick cut from those images. Molly has worked with me on a variety of projects ranging from magazine editorials to my own self directed projects for promotional images. Molly has a unique eye for combining vintage pieces with unique one of a kind contemporary designs. You may have seen her pop up once or twice in behind the scenes photos here on the blog as well.