Supreme General is getting ready to release a new album this summer and the Buffalo born rapper wanted to create a visual persona for this series of images that was very different from his past promos. Inspired by his own service in the military – Supreme and I talked about creating something that touched on his own experiences as a soldier, writer, musician, and artist to create something that mixes classic and modern styles to tell a very different story than the images that have accompanied his past releases.

This was photographed on the site of an old demolished outdoor nightclub on the Lake Erie shore called The Pier, which was torn down years ago.I actually have some  personal recollections (albeit fuzzy ones) of it as the scene of a particularly nasty concussion I received during a concert that got out of hand a few years ago.  They have since turned the area around it into a number of dog walking trails, bike paths, and open fields, but these remnants of the foundation and asphalt parking lots remain.

(Check out a Preview track of Supreme General)

 Supreme General

Supreme General Promo

Supreme General – Promo from Luke Copping on Vimeo.

Now that I have finally recovered from the respiratory infection and throat injury that have kept me out of commission the past few days, I wanted to share the final version of the small promotional video I shot and edited together for Supreme General. Getting used to working with motion has been quite the learning experience, I know theres some kinks to work out but Im excited to keep moving forward with it.