2021 Digital Portfolio

A website is great, but there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a photo editor or art director and actually going over your work face-to-face. The chance to get feedback, share stories, and build genuine rapport has helped me develop long lasting relationships with many clients. I miss these meetings and getting to catch up with my friends in the magazine and advertising world.

Sadly, I haven’t been on many portfolio showings due to the global pandemic during the past year. But I’ve been searching for ways to create a facsimile of this experience that will mesh well with the Zoom calls I now make every week instead of in-person meetings

Enter Issuu. Back in the day, I was one of the editors of a small independent style and music publication called Auxiliary Magazine. We used Issuu as a cost-effective way to distribute a digital version of each issue to readers. I’ve used it over the years for promos and small collections of personal travel work. But as of today (at least for the rest of this year), Issuu will be entirely replacing my print portfolio.