This is the story of how one conversation, a healthy dose of dissatisfaction, and a few glasses of wine helped me decide to make a major change in my photography, how I thought about where I live, and the kind of stories that I was really interested in telling.

At the beginning of the summer I found myself afflicted with a worrisome and specific case of writers block –  I would shoot a project, but when I sat down to write about it the only things I could think of were “Here is a picture I took and I really like it” or “I shot this assignment recently for a client, the art director was super nice and brought sandwiches” basically the kind of disposable posts you have read on every photography blog, ever, in the history of everything (Okay, except for some of the really good ones like those written by John Keatley, Rodney Smith or Chris Buck – I’ll gladly read those any day), and I had gotten sick of it. I stared at blank screens for hours feeling like my brains were slowly leaking out of my eyes and that my writing skills were failing me (thankfully this mental state was contained only to my writing and did not affect my ability to take kick-ass pictures). It’s not that I didn’t like the aesthetics of the work I was producing, I just didn’t feel like these were the kind of stories that I was really having much fun telling. Continue reading “NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT”

Required Reading – The Irregular Edition

The last few weeks have been hectic, filled with 15 hour days, endless cups of coffee, frantic scribbling sessions in my notebooks coming more frequently, and trying to balance that all important work/fun ratio. However, I felt it was time to give all my blog readers the attention they have been lacking this month with an update to required reading that is long overdue.

Jak & Jil Blog

The most minimalist and simply presented fashion blog I have seen since The Sartorialist, though Jak & jil is starting to give that blog a run for the money as my current favorite. Much like The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil is image based, capturing slices and impressions of fashion and style. But where The Sartorialist captures those beautiful random encounters with fashion on the street that he is so well known for, Jak & Jil is a little more twisted, and a little more aggressive in the styles they present, flashes of alternative and more extreme street styles are right at home among captures of models being prepped for the runway. I have always been a bit of a nerd about research and reading sources with interesting viewpoints. Jak & Jil has quickly risen to the top of my list.

Minjae Lee

Inspiration can come from anywhere, lately I have been fascinated by the work of South Korean painter Minjae Lee, his electrically colored rendition of faces have captivated me as well as his ability to use such simple figures to evoke such a response. His work is absolutely worth checking out, if for nothing else than the eye candy.

EDIT: His site currently seems to be down, but you can see several examples of his work HERE, HERE, HERE And HERE

Letters To Dead People

Sad, insightful, rude, funny, and poignant, Letters to dead people has quickly become one of the favorites of my morning read. The format is simple, a well designed block of white text on a black field, deliver a quick, to the point statement about a well known dead figure. Some of my Favorites are: Sigmund Freud, Victor Hugo, Ayn Rand, and Freddie Mercury.