Personal Record 8.25.2011

Personal Record is a new regular Thursday feature here on my blog, an ongoing stream of the images I make outside of my professional career. The personal images, mobile images, outtakes, and  random candid images that I take on my iPhone, my X100, my 5D MKII or whatever other camera I happen to have handy at the time; a documentation of my day-to-day life and the things I come across that interest me visually.

 Bryan "Vomit" Gunsell - Artist, musician, designer

Bryan came by the studio session late last week for a portrait session where I made this iPhone image.

Fuji Finepix x100

My new Fuji x100, which has become my constant companion, arrived last Friday after much anticipation.

Luke Copping and Erin McPartlan in Newmarket Ontario

I spent a good chunk of the weekend  in Canada at my cousin’s wedding. This is mine and Erin’s ubiquitous post-getting-ready mirror shot.

My Mother - Dianne Copping

My mother Dianne at the wedding.

The Candy bar spread at my cousins wedding

The bride and groom had arranged for a rather extensive and colorful candy bar.

Luke Copping wearing a cyberoptix tie

At dinner, wearing one of my favorite ties from Cyberoptix.

My Uncle (and my mother's twin brother) David Gale

My uncle Dave (my mother’s twin brother).

A lot of new print promos going out this week. You can get a more in depth look at them on Nubby Twiglet’s site, where Nubby featured them earlier this week.

saying I saw written on the wall at my gym

Written on the chalkboard at my gym this week,

asparagus, goat cheese, and hot chile quiche

A seriously yum piece of the asparagus, goat cheese, and hot chile quiche I came across this week.

Emily Tronetti at a shoot at Victory Studios

I helped my intern Emily out on a project this week as her “assistant”.  She put together a great production and It was so nice to lend a hand and see her creative process in action. Emily is highly creative and motivated. Hopefully I will be able to share some of the images she created during this shoot with you soon.

Guy Williams Gane at a shoot at Victory Studios

Guy William Gane III, at my studio waiting for hair and makeup prior to Emily’s shoot.

Some quick images I did of the crew from Emily's shoot

The whole team from Emily’s production. Clockwise from top left: Maureen Olson Urbaniak, Guy William Gane III, Paige Carson, and Emily Tronetti.

A mobile image of emily tronetti via instagram.

Emily on location.

Guy William game on locations

A little black and white action with Guy during some downtime on location.

Paige Carson on location

Another black and white image during a break in shooting, this time featuring Paige.

instagram image of Paige carson with flowers

Paige and flowers – via Instagram.

My girlfriend's niece, Trinity.

My girlfriend’s family stopped by the studio to have some family portraits taken while her niece Trinity was visiting from the west coast. Trinity and Mr. Bunny decided to steal the show.

Ted's HotDogs

One last batch of Ted’s hot dogs on a rainy night as the summer winds down.

Loganberry at teds otdogs

Loganberry, a serious Buffalo beverage that I have become sadly addicted to since relocating from Canada. A must have with Ted’s dogs.

 Spending time with our dogs, Kasha and Kemper

Relaxing in the backyard with Kasha and Kemper as the weather gets cooler and a little more pleasant.

Required Reading

• Check out the new blog and site over at Hero Design and see some of the best hand screen printed music posters around. Created by  the team of Mark and Beth Brickey.

Nubby Twiglet recounts her first year of freelancing, applicable to anyone working in a freelance creative field. Some interesting anecdotes and important lessons.

• Post symposium thoughts from ASMP president Richard Kelly regarding the Copyright Symposium that took place in NYC this past week featuring Chase Jarvis, Jeff Sedlik, Lawrence Lessig, and others

• A collection of vintage photographs of New York from the 1940’s

• An archive of brilliant magazine cover photography and design stretching back decades and covering thousands of images at the NMCA: Magazine Cover Archive

Required Reading: Número Tres

The last week has been hectic, between bouncing back and forth between Buffalo and NYC and wrapping up a major project, I’ve barely had time to sit down and have a cup of  much needed coffee. Here is a quick weekly fix of some links for you to check out to get your AM started off right.


John Keatley is one of the most talented editorial portrait photographers working today, and his work is a personal favorite of mine. Much like his images, a visit to Keatley’s blog is always quirky and engaging. Whether he’s dropping some science on you by breaking down the lighting scheme of one of his shots in minute details, or announcing his arrival on Twitter with a series of humorous self portraits; there always seems to be something different going on. It guess it doesn’t hurt that in addition to to being able to make great images, the man can also write, he is an excellent storyteller, both visually and through the written word.

Fashion Served

Fashion Served, and its various counterparts including Photography Served and Typography Served are a compilation of the best projects in their respective Genres from the Behance Creative Network. Behance is a handy little social networking site for artists and designers where you can post your work in an interesting project based format. Fashion served, and its analogue sites are a great aggregate of these projects from all over the web. Whether you are interested in fashion photography, industrial design, or one of the other genres covered, the served sites are a well edited way to see what people are working on. Its a media rich experience with little to no filler.

Freelance Switch

Regardless of your chosen medium, freelance switch is a universally useful site with a plethora of articles and links for those working as full time freelancers, or those considering the move. Business tips, productivity theory, and product reviews constitute a significant quantity  of the entries, a bonus feature is freelance freedom, a comic strip that any freelances can relate to. In addition to the blog, Freelance Switch also includes a well posted job listing board, an active forum, and number of links to services available to freelancers in a variety of areas.

Nubby Twiglet

There are only a few sites I visit on a regular basis to get my graphic design fix, and Nubby Twiglet’s blog is one of my favorite. Responsible for some of the beautiful design you might have seen in Coilhouse magazine , which you may have seen in a previous required reading post. It was through Coilhouse that I first became aware of the work of this skillful designer. When I stumbled upon her blog, however, was when I considered myself truly impressed. Beautiful examples of typography, intriguing thoughts on personal branding, the philosophy of blogging, fashion, style, and how design can affect all aspects of life. Her site breaks down the wall between professional and personal sites in fresh and compelling way.