MacArthur Genius grant recipient Will Dichtes photographed at Cornell University for Northwestern University

Imagine a material so porous that little more than a gram of it contained the same surface area as a football field.

It sounds like the kind of made-up miracle substances you usually hear discussed solely in the realms of sci-fi or comic books, like Adamantium, Unobtanium, or Nth metal — The kind of elemental MacGuffins that exist to explain away the fantastic powers of those that use them. The primary difference is that supramolecular chemist Will Dichtel has taken his material out of the world of science fiction. In fact, he’s on the verge of taking this and other revolutionary nanomaterials out of the lab and giving them practical real-world applications that could potentially change our planet for the better. Continue reading “MACARTHUR FELLOW WILL DICHTEL FOR NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY”

Small Town Girl

Nichole at Knox Farms

Nichole at Knox Farms

I spent a day photographing Nichole Linsay at two of the most scenic rural areas in Western NY – Boxler Farms and Knox Farms, near East Aurora NY.  Scouting the expansive property at Boxler Farms during the day in search of locations had us wading through the shallow  streams above a waterfall, trekking through fields of early spring wildflowers, and meeting many of the exotic animals that roam the property including camels, zebra, oryx, wildebeests, llamas, and emus. Later in the day we moved to shoot to the site of Knox Farms, which had previously been the famous estate of the wealthy Knox family before becoming a historic park. It is one of those perfect places that exists in its own little timeless bubble so distant from the encroaching suburbia just outside its gates.

Nichole with horse

The whole day was a distillation of so many of the things that I most love about being a photographer, and I am rarely happier than when a project becomes indistinguishable from an adventure.

Nichole in WNY stream

Supreme General

David Adams

A preview from a new series of promotional images I did for hip-hop artist Supreme General (AKA. David Adams). David has become one of my favorite subjects to work with over the past few months because of his enthusiasm for both his music and in collaborating on these photo sessions.  An extremely talented musician as well as a shrewd self-promotor with a talent for marketing himself, we have worked together on everything from his press and album images to a series of candid photographs documenting his recording sessions and personal life. The last time I had worked with David was in creating pictures for the artwork of his soon to be released album, a reasonably large and styled studio production that resulted in some great images. But this time David wanted to work on creating some promotional photographs that were simpler and more stripped down, images that put him center stage, and were less specific to his album.