Portrait of Holli Arnold

Portrait of Holli Arnold

Holli Arnold and makeup artist Nicole Barry recently stopped by my studio to spend an evening collaborating on a series of new images and experimenting with a few ideas that I have been working on. The above portrait is the first of these photographs that will be released over the coming weeks. Holli and Nicole have been two of my favorite people to collaborate with lately, It is  always wonderful to work with such enthusiastic partners.

Quick Cuts – Molly Hoeltke

Fashion stylist molly hoeltke

Fashion stylist, friend, and collaborator Molly Hoeltke needed a bio shot for an interview and profile piece thats being done on her.  Heres a quick cut from those images. Molly has worked with me on a variety of projects ranging from magazine editorials to my own self directed projects for promotional images. Molly has a unique eye for combining vintage pieces with unique one of a kind contemporary designs. You may have seen her pop up once or twice in behind the scenes photos here on the blog as well.