Required Reading

• Nostalgia, timeless illustration, and the slick promise of the American Dream abound in this extensive collection of classic American car brochures. So extensive you can follow the evolution of the industry’s design aesthetic within a single manufacturer’s line, often from the 1920’s right through today.

• Via Permission to Suck – The Vernacular Photograph as Accidental Masterpiece – time, nostalgia, and chance create a beautiful link to our visual past.

• A group of unique creative professionals chime in on the future of flash as a medium for photographers to present their work. Presented by Photo Shelter and including Rob Haggart of

• If you are at all interested in or related to the advertising industry, than I strongly recommend that you watch Art & Copy. An engrossing documentary about the history, philosophy, evolution, and rebellion of some of the great figures in contemporary advertising that will change your misconceptions about a field which is often accused of pandering to the lowest common denominator. I think George Lois is my new hero.

• I found this link to Smashing Magazine’s article on the Principles of Minimalist Web Design via So many photographers and creative professionals can benefit from the web design ideas and principals espoused here.