Tristan Lambright Brushing his teeth

There has been a bit of radio silence around here the last few weeks, because I have been off running around and working on some really cool projects РBut we are kicking off a big week here with a lot of news to share,  and the first thing I want to share with you are some new images from a project I started working on a few weeks back.

We all know that feeling…. the one you get when you are staring at yourself in the mirror, fascinated by the contorted and often alien faces you make when you are getting down to the very serious business of dental hygiene.

Lacy Ellinwood Brushing teethDanielle Sugg Brushing his teethDanyell Sugg Brushing his teethPat McCarthy Brushing his teeth

The Angriest Critic – Adam Rosina

I recently had the opportunity to interview and photograph Adam Rosina for his own personal biography and for a feature being written on him by Auxiliary Magazine. Rosina is quickly becoming know as Western New York’s angriest and most misanthropic film critic, ready to call out directors for lackluster efforts and to rail against film audiences for their acceptance of over commercialized and easy to digest pablum, and their self imposed ignorance of great films, both high end and low brow. An immensely interesting character, our shoot entailed trying to capture the vitriol and aggression that Rosina brings to his writing, while tempering it with some humanity and humor. It was one of those rare shoots where I was afforded to opportunity to photograph a subject that I have been friends with for years, so a certain comfort level existed prior to the shoot that made it quite easy to get the results Adam and I were looking for.