You have to have a little fun with your brand now and then for laughs.

One of my favorite ways to do this, which has become something of an irregular tradition here on the blog, is to have the cruel impresario behind Horriblejingles.com whip up one of his signature weird jingles for Luke Copping Photography – and this one is extra terrible.

You can listen to the past installments from earlier years at the links below.

Horrible Jingle One

Horrible Jingle Two

Luke and Rhylan

Luke and Rhylan

Another entry in my ever growing archive of embarrassing childhood photos that relatives have shared with me over the years – this time courtesy of my Uncle Dave. This is my cousin Rhylan (shorter – khaki outfit) and myself (taller  – velcro shoes) in, I assume, Boca Raton FL sometime in the mid-eighties.

I do not know where my eyes are or why my shorts are unbuttoned, but I am glad to say that the rest of my body has caught up with my monsterous planetoid of a head.