A bit of business meets style with this image of Kimberly Reinagal.

Every now and then I like to work on a project with the interns and assistants around the studio. We all get together once every month or two and bring someone in to photograph. It’s a fun time and they can all practice some of the techniques they have picked up – It’s part workshop and part party. A few weeks ago while working on some lighting demonstrations with my recent intern Valerie Kasinksi we had Kim come by so that Val could try out a few concepts with her. Val created some portraits that were very in line with the nature themed imagery that she is becoming known for. After Val had worked on some images it was my turn, and I quickly put this concept together alongside makeup artist Nicole Barry – we were looking to create something serious and edgy that was a bit of a mix between the stylish portraiture I do and the corporate work that is becoming a bigger part of my business. I was quite happy with the results from that evening – and though this isn’t work from an assignment or one of my longer personal projects I wanted to share it simply because it was so much fun to work on.


You have to have a little fun with your brand now and then for laughs.

One of my favorite ways to do this, which has become something of an irregular tradition here on the blog, is to have the cruel impresario behind whip up one of his signature weird jingles for Luke Copping Photography – and this one is extra terrible.

You can listen to the past installments from earlier years at the links below.

Horrible Jingle One

Horrible Jingle Two


Clockwise from Top Left 1. Kat wearing Black Milk Tights at Reclemation field.   2. Dailies Header  3. Luke Copping Photography Logo  4. Peter Eleey of MoMA PS1

Dailies is a monthly collection of the images I take in my day to day life: casual snaps and test shots of friends and family, unguarded behind the scenes images of my subjects, Polaroids, Instagrams, and documentation of my myriad and sordid adventures. 

This month I am catching up a bit on pictures from the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013

Clockwise from top left

1. Cara at the pier reclamation site in Buffalo, NY

2. Peter Eleey – Curator of MoMA PS1

Clockwise from Top Left:  Anton Kern of Anton Kern Gallery in NYC and German Artist John Bock.   2. Stylist Erin Moser - Out of Focus  3. Paul Judelson of I-20 Gallery in NYC  4. Film Critic and Cultural Essayist for Auxiliary Magazine Adam Rosina

Clockwise from top left:

3. Antony Kern of Anton Kern Gallery and German Artist John Bock at the Albright Knox Gallery’s 150th anniversary.

4. Hairstylist Erin Moser  – Outdoors and out of focus.

5. Paul Judelson of I-20 Gallery

6. Adam Rosina, Film critic and essayist for Auxiliary Magazine

Clockwise from Top Left:  1. Roller Derby Coach Tristan Lambright   2. Designer and Dressmaker Ali Eagan of Anatomy  3. Kate O'Connor

Clockwise from top left:

7. Roller Derby coach Tristan Lambright

8. Designer and dressmaker Ali Eagan on the roof of the Hotel Lafayette in Buffalo, NY

9. Model Kate O’Connor

Clockwise from Top Left:  1. Erin Moser - Hairstylist  2. Lex - Model  3. Bruce And Dianne Jackson  4. Al Lutes.

Clockwise from top left:

10. An Instagram portrait of stylist Erin Moser taken at Victory Studios

11. Model Alexis Nicole visiting the studio.

12. Filmmaker/photographer Bruce Jackson and Dianne Christian

13. Al Lutes at Wellington Farms in Niagara On the Lake, ON

Members of the Nickel City Knockouts Derby Team. - Buffalo, NY

14. Members of the Nickel City Knockouts, a championship roller derby team from Western NY.

Kathryn Jakubowski's Winning Designs

Images from Kathryn Jakowbowski's winning student collection

Back in April I served as one of the judges for BSC’s Runway 5.0 event, an extravagantly produced demonstration of student designs from the school’s Fashion Technology program. Organized by Erin Habes, the event grows in scope every year and It was fantastic to be involved with it again. One of the highlights of the event is the unveiling of the senior collections that the students spend months developing – and the prizes for the winner this year included scholarships for them to further their education as well as an opportunity to have their winning collection photographed. This is one of my favorite community events that I donate time to every year because of the immense efforts the students from this school put into their creations for the judging panel, which this year included myself as well as industry leaders from companies like New Era, Victoria’s Secret, Aeropostale, and more.

The very deserving winner this year was Kathryn Jakubowski, a senior designer whose  collection was a favorite among the judges, which is impressive given the tough competition she was up against from some of the other students. These are just a few of the images that I am working on for Kathryn, who also received a $2000 scholarship and is now interning with Ali Eagen from Made by Anatomy as she furthers her design education. Congratulations Kathryn!.

Images from Kathryn Jakowbowski's winning student collection

Casey Bitzberger

Portraits of Casey Bitzberger

Two very different stylistic takes on portraits of the amazing Casey Bitzberger.

This was a very playful shoot – in addition to the formal portraits that we created there was also large number of iPhone and mobile images from the production – of which the above was my favorite.

And Finally!

Just us having fun shooting video on my phone after the shoot.

Casey and I having a Gaze Off! after the production wrapped.

She won…

Special thanks to Nicole Barry and Tom Newton.

Required Reading – The Irregular Edition

The last few weeks have been hectic, filled with 15 hour days, endless cups of coffee, frantic scribbling sessions in my notebooks coming more frequently, and trying to balance that all important work/fun ratio. However, I felt it was time to give all my blog readers the attention they have been lacking this month with an update to required reading that is long overdue.

Jak & Jil Blog

The most minimalist and simply presented fashion blog I have seen since The Sartorialist, though Jak & jil is starting to give that blog a run for the money as my current favorite. Much like The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil is image based, capturing slices and impressions of fashion and style. But where The Sartorialist captures those beautiful random encounters with fashion on the street that he is so well known for, Jak & Jil is a little more twisted, and a little more aggressive in the styles they present, flashes of alternative and more extreme street styles are right at home among captures of models being prepped for the runway. I have always been a bit of a nerd about research and reading sources with interesting viewpoints. Jak & Jil has quickly risen to the top of my list.

Minjae Lee

Inspiration can come from anywhere, lately I have been fascinated by the work of South Korean painter Minjae Lee, his electrically colored rendition of faces have captivated me as well as his ability to use such simple figures to evoke such a response. His work is absolutely worth checking out, if for nothing else than the eye candy.

EDIT: His site currently seems to be down, but you can see several examples of his work HERE, HERE, HERE And HERE

Letters To Dead People

Sad, insightful, rude, funny, and poignant, Letters to dead people has quickly become one of the favorites of my morning read. The format is simple, a well designed block of white text on a black field, deliver a quick, to the point statement about a well known dead figure. Some of my Favorites are: Sigmund Freud, Victor Hugo, Ayn Rand, and Freddie Mercury.