QCRG Roller Derby coach Tristan Lambright

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen that recently I was trying to help my friends Megan and Tristan raise money to help their brother Dustin buy a new prosthesis as he grew out of his previous one. I am happy to say that the campaign was a resounding success, and not only was enough money raised to buy Dustin’s prosthesis for this year, but next year’s as well.

What you may not know is that those friends I was helping support have made occasional appearances on this blog and in my work, much like this new PR portrait of Tristan that I took recently (and insisted that he sport the beard/flannel look he’s been pulling off lately for it). You have probably seen them here before.

Megan has made many appearances in the fun team photos I have created for my friends on the championship Western NY roller derby squad The Nickel City Knockouts (they are an amazing team and I love helping them out — Megan is also the captain and was also one of the first people to pose for me when I started coming back to photography professionally) and Tristan made a past appearances in my series of toothbrush face images (he was the crazy one). Tristan is also highly involved in the QCRG Roller Derby league both as a referee, coach, and highly visible promoter/supporter.

I get to meet a lot of interesting people through photography: artists, musicians, politicians and more — I get to make a lot of friends through what I do. But it still gives me a lot of joy when I get a chance to photograph my friends and people who have been in my life for a while, whether it is for an assignment or just a personal project of my own.

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The Launch Coach

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