Phil Bozeman - Vocalist of Tennessee deathcore band Whitechapel

I love shooting for Alternative Press magazine. I’ve gotten to work with some great up-and-coming acts while on assignment for them, and I’ve always been appreciative of the freedom that Creative Director Christopher Benton has given in letting me explore some different takes on many of these artists.  Even though I spend a lot of my time these days working for agencies and corporate clients on more commercial fare, shooting for AP is appealing to me because of the energy and excitement that I get from working with these bands – something raw that stirs up the remnants of the music obsessed geek in me who spent a lot of his youth hanging out in dirty basements at house shows and road-tripping all over the northeast to see bands who never seemed to make it to Buffalo. Continue reading “ON ASSIGNMENT: WHITECHAPEL’S PHIL BOZEMAN FOR ALTERNATIVE PRESS”


Comedian Cody Chase

I’m off on vacation this week! I’ll be spending a few well deserved days in Las Vegas with my girlfriend, my brother, and some friends. Hopefully I’ll be recovered from the debauchery in time to share a few photos from my misadventures with you in the next update.

Before I leave I want to share this duo of new portraits of comedian Cody Chase from last month. I had a very cool hand painted background in from Oliphant Studios in NYC for a few days and had a chance to use it on a series of small personal projects with some of the areas most interesting performers including Cody. Continue reading “CODY CHASE”


Rochester hardcore band such gold for Alternative Press

I was on my way back from a shoot in NYC a few months back when I got an assignment from Alternative Press Magazine to create a series of images for a feature on Rochester hardcore band Such Gold. No sooner had I unpacked the car and recharged batteries when my assistant and I were making the drive from Buffalo to Rochester to meet up with the band – featured on AP’s 100 Bands You Need to Know list in 2012 alongside acts like AWOLNATION and Bad Rabbits.

Talented but also resilient, Such Gold had come back from the brink of tragedy the previous year when lead singer Ben Kotin was almost fatally stabbed outside of a party. After a lengthy recovery and with the help of friends from other bands filling in temporarily, Kotin was able to return to his frontman duties in time for the band’s full length debut Misadventures (definitely worth a listen if you like melodic hardcore).

These are two of my favorites from what I shot that day in the woods around Cobbs Hill  – you can see more by checking out the tear sheet.

Rochester Ny hardcore band Such Gold


Logan Schott

Logan Schott is a model who can’t stay in one place for too long. Since I first worked with him a year ago on a banking campaign Logan has lived on both coasts and made travel between LA, NYC, and Buffalo a near constant in his life, but thankfully I have had occasional  opportunities to work with him since then on personal projects and a recent series of images for Cyberoptix. 

Logan was visiting Western New York for the holidays from Los Angeles to visit with family and friends, and as usual we made immediate plans to work on something together. The only snag was that the studio was pretty much empty for the holidays, crew members were traveling, some equipment was out for annual repair and maintenance, and even the heat had been running at minimum for days. No crew, no styling team, and very little gear is a bit of a break in how I normally work when I am on a commercial or editorial assignment, but these small projects with friends are always fun – just the two of us working together to make something. One thing we didn’t have to worry about though was wardrobe. Logan is essentially a punk rock fashion boy scout – always prepared, he brought a bag full of finds from his ceaseless thrifting and DIY clothing projects.

This simple black and white portrait was one of my favorites from the shoot (Okay… this was a hard shoot to edit as there were a lot of variations and great frames), and very illustrative of the type of portraiture I have found myself drawn to over the last few months.

There are a few other images from this shoot that I will share soon (probably next week). They have  a very different feel from this sombre portrait and I think they warrant their own post.


Portrait of Adam Rosina - Buffalo, NY Punk Legend and Misanthropic film critic for auxiliary magazine,

Welcome to 2013! I wanted to kick off the blog this year with some new work, starting with these portraits of writer Adam Rosina I created late last year.

Adam Rosina is the hard-drinking, foul-mouthed film critic and cultural essayist for Auxiliary Magazine – known as much as for his profanity laced and vitriol filled rants aimed at iconic directors like Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg as he is for his storied past in the rust belt punk scene. Despite his fearsome reputation as a renegade film journalist Adam remained an erudite and witty conversationalist during this assignment, cigarette always in hand as he jumped rapidly back and forth between topics as varied as the tropes of 60’s Japanese gangster films and his current love of the My Little Pony cartoon.

Winter was just starting to roll into Buffalo when we shot these images just down the street from my home. I wanted a setting that would offset Adam’s grittier style and too often the rust belt is portrayed as little more than a graveyard of derelict factories. The cultivated hedges and ivy of this neighborhood seemed a fitting setting for a writer who has made the conflicted personality of his city an integral part of his work.

Adam Rosina - Punk Rock Rebel Film Essayist for Auxiliary Magazine



Florian Reither - a member of the four man arts group Gelitin

When I received an assignment to create a series of VIP portraits for the 150th Anniversary of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, I was excited to say the least. I love the museum’s collection and often drag my assistants and interns along with me when a new exhibition premiers there (or I am in need of some quiet and inspiration). As the night of the gala grew closer the team and I actually started to nerd out a bit and get really fired up about photographing so many respected creators and art world luminaries.

Florian Reither is one-quarter of the Austrian arts group Gelitin, a collective with a reputation for staging unique performances and sensational artistic happenings – such as creating a blind sculpture at the Greene Naftali Gallery, constructing a fifty metre long pink stuffed rabbit in the Alps, or sequestering themselves inside of a giant art-Xerox for a week. Gelitin as a whole provided the closing performance of the evening and as such I only had a few moments to create this portrait between the evening’s scheduled proceedings and the rest of the images I was to shoot that night. We were all glad that we finished that night’s portraits just in time to see Gelitin’s performance – which was one of the highlights of the event.

PS. You should totally follow the Albright-Knox’s Instagram, which features a fascinating look behind the scenes of the gallery.


EMT and Fire Lieutenant Gabe Cassuci from the Bellevue Fire Department called me a few weeks ago to talk about creating some portraits for an advertising campaign that they had coming up to recruit new volunteer fire fighters for the department. I am always excited and happy to photograph firefighters and other emergency workers – so me and my team packed up our gear and headed out for the Bellevue fire house to spend a day creating a series of black and white portraits of the brave men and women of the Bellevue Dept.

The images above are two of the first from the series that will be featured on a series of billboards, posters, displays, and online recruitment uses over the next year.

Papercut Magazine

papercut magazine lead image

Kyle Makrauer and I recently collaborated on an online feature for Papercut Magazine that delved deeper into Molly Hoeltke’s reclaimed fashion concept label Once Vintage – a design label I have shot with before. I very rarely find myself collaborating with another photographer in such a direct way as I did on this shoot, but Kyle and I wanted to try it as an experiment.

Below is a small gallery of my contribution to the project, you can see the rest of the images including those shot by Kyle on Papercut’s web feature.

Marie Vaccarello wearing Once Vintage collection


Garrett Thomas

Buffalo NY native Garrett Thomas -  Magician, speaker, and consultant to celebrity illusionists like David Blaine and Marco Tempest.

This is an editorial portrait of Garrett Thomas, who is a magician, artist, and lecturer on the nature of the creative process well known in the global magic community. For over twenty years Garrett has been a creator of truly original illusions and worked as a consultant/instructor to celebrity magicians like David Blaine and Marco Tempest. In one of those strange small-world moments I had actually first met Garrett years ago after seeing one of his performances in Buffalo only to find out shortly after that my downstairs neighbor at the time was a good mutual friend of both of ours.  Since then I have been fortunate enough to see Garrett perform his amazing close up magic on many occasions and even had the pleasure of having dinner with him in the days leading up to this assignment – where we discussed our approaches to creativity and the similarities and differences between the worlds of magic and photography.

Lauren Ashley Rogers' Winning Runway Collection

Marie Cover

lauren ashley rogers header

A few months ago Lauren Ashley Rogers was named as the winner in Buffalo State College’s annual runway showcase and competition, Runway 4.0, an event headed by my friend Erin Habes. As part of the winner’s prize package, Erin and I collaborated to develop a series of images for the young designer that she can use as she moves forward with her education and career. I am so happy to be able to help a young local student and designer who is working in this new fashion-conscious culture that Buffalo seems to be developing, thanks in great part to people like Erin Habes. Here are a few images from her collection,

Lydia Dominick wearing Lauren Ashley Rogers

“Roger’s spring collection wrangles the chaotic energy of the world with a simplistic approach to neutral color blocking, framed nicely with dark swipes of black, grey and snow leopard print. The intense shades feel fresh once again.” ~ Erin Habes 

Marie wearing Lauren Ashley Rogers

“The photo shoot was a huge success and a brilliant collaboration of creative talent, Buffalo State College and myself are so grateful to Luke for giving a young designer the opportunity to learn and absorb a wealth of experience through the building of her lookbook.”  ~ Erin Habes 

Marie Wearing Lauren Ashley Rogers