ASMP Experts and Masters — Alyssa Meadows

Episode two of my new live streaming show with ASMP Executive Director and former Director of Photography for National Geographic Tom Kennedy features NYC based photographer Alyssa Meadows.

We talk about the Young Photographers Alliance, her own experiences being a young photographer in New York, and her work documenting environmental and societal issues — taking an especially in depth look at “Every Woman I Know” a personal project of hers that depicts the women in her life who has been victims of sexual violence.

New Promo Books!

Take a look at the digital version of my newest promo book — Rust Belt Vol. 3!

This collects some of my favorite work from 2017 and features many of the unique subjects that I’ve met over the years photographing the creatives and entrepreneurs working and living in Western New York.

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Eastern Broccoli Project

You can do a lot with broccoli: steam it, roast it, deep fry it, or serve it in a soup containing copious amounts of beer and cheese (and accompanied by even more beer if you’re doing it right). It’s delicious, nutritious, and an increasingly important crop for growers as demand for it grows — but 90% of the nearly two billion pounds produced in the US each year are grown in California, much to the dismay of east coast farmers and consumers.

Currently, it can take 7-10 days from when that California grown broccoli is picked before it becomes part of your dinner menu (or before those with picky kids have to stop their little ones from conspiring with the dog to hide the evidence of their distaste). Broccoli has to be shipped in ice filled waxed boxes to slow down the degradation of the crop, and after a week on a truck not all of it may survive the trip. But that might change soon because of the work of Dr. Thomas Björkman, a renowned horticulturist and researcher at Cornell University who is one of the driving forces behind the Eastern Broccoli Project. The mission of the EBP is to create new strains of the crop that will thrive in the less consistent climate of the east coast, provide much needed crop diversity to farmers in the future, and cut down on the environmental impact of shipping broccoli across the country. ⠀

My assistant Will and I left Buffalo NY around 4:00 AM to drive out to Geneva NY where Dr Björkman tends to his trial crops at Cornell University’s Agricultural Experiment Station. Our plan was to be out in the fields before sunrise to create some portraits of the doctor with his crop on one of the last days before harvest and we could not have hoped for a more spectacular morning. Better than the weather though, was the utterly engrossing education we got in the efforts of the the EBP to create new types of Broccoli, agricultural breeding tools, and distribution system that will make the east coast broccoli industry a competitive one in the national market.

Shot for EatingWell Magazine.

Thomas Björkman of the Eastern Broccoli Project at the Cornell University Agricultural Testing Station.

ASMP Experts and Masters — Doug Menuez


I’m so happy to announce that the first episode of my new live stream show is now available to watch!

Co-hosted by Tom Kennedy (the former director of photography for National Geographic and the executive director of The American Society of Media Photographers) and myself — ASMP Experts and Masters is a new discussion series brought to you by The Photo Brigade and Adorama.

In this first episode Tom and I sit down with photographer and director Doug Menuez to discuss his book Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution In Silicon Valley 1985-2000 and the many years he spent documenting the life and career of Steve Jobs. We talk about the intersection of art and commerce, what photographers can learn from tech entrepreneurs, the importance of saying no, and building your business around the work you really care about rather than what you think will be accepted commercially.


Legendary Rock Promoter Bruce Moser

Legendary Rock Promoter Bruce Moser helped launch the careers of acts like The Cars, Tragically Hip, and U2 on some of their earliest tours.

Have you ever heard The Cars, The Tragically Hip, or U2?

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of them because of the behind-the-scenes efforts of legendary rock promoter Bruce Moser – who is responsible for helping break these acts and others in the U.S. through his relentless work promoting them live and on the radio all along the thruway chain that runs between Boston and Cleveland – and hits cities like Erie, Buffalo, and Syracuse on the way. 

I was traveling back from Santa Fe over the summer when I found out that I would be photographing Bruce the very next day when I got back into Buffalo. I knew a bit about his history in the rock world because I had actually worked with his daughter Erin Moser in the past, but I was not at all prepared for what an animated and engaging storyteller Bruce is, nor was I prepared for the mind-blowing tales he told me about some of the biggest acts in music. I normally talk a lot on set – it’s important to me to engage with my subjects and draw them out a bit, but this was probably the least I ever spoke on a shoot, because once Bruce started I knew it was better to just listen to the incredible behind-the-scenes stories he was telling me. 

He told me about having to convince park police not to arrest the at the time eighteen-year-old members of U2 at Niagara Falls when they decided to hop over the security barrier to get a better look at the Falls.

He told me about seeing The Beatles for $5.50 before they were famous and when you could still hear them play over all the women screaming. 

He told me about one of his earliest successes working with an unknown at the time band from Boston named The Cars.

He told me about the first few concerts he ever went to – which just happened to be The Animals, The Dave Clark Five, The Byrds, and Bob Dylan.

He told me about his efforts to help acts from Canada like Rush, The Tragically Hip, and Bryan Adams find early success in the US. 

He told me about meeting Robert Frank and talking with him about his rarely seen documentary about the Rolling Stones.

He told me about the time he and his wife played Pong with Bono in a bar in Buffalo on the night that John Lennon was murdered (Bono thought it was a sick joke someone was playing on him.) 

That’s pretty epic stuff, and it doesen’t even start to touch on the innumerable other acts he’s worked with that Bruce and I didn’t get a chance to discuss – like Tom Petty, Melissa Etheridge The Goo Goo Dolls, Tom Cochrane, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Steven Van Zandt, and many more. Getting to sit down with Bruce and learn about his life and career was so much fun, especially because Bruce still comes across as someone who just loves music – listening to it and seeing it played live. He’s a fan, a fan who turned his passion for music into his career – although I don’t know many other fans that own the only copy of a song that was written and performed by Bono for their 50th birthday.

Legendary Buffalo NY rock promoter Bruce Moser is responsible for helping ti launch the careers of such bands as The Tragically Hip, The Cars, and U2

September/October Email Promo

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Luke Copping Photography's September/October 2017 Email Promo


Portrait created for Spree 50th Anniversary Issue

Buffalo Spree celebrated their 50th anniversary this year, and I was honored to shoot a fun little happy birthday story to help commemorate this longstanding local magazine. Of course, It’s not a birthday unless there’s a cake (or three), so we called in some help from a few of the city’s best bakers and cake shops to help the team at Spree kick off their golden jubilee with a little style. And yes, the cast, crew, and myself absolutely devoured those cakes as soon as the shoot was done.

Portrait created for Spree 50th Anniversary IssuePortrait created for Spree 50th Anniversary Issue


Rapper Chat Hawk of Buffalo Hip Hop Collective Team Radio

Why aren’t you listening to Chae Hawk right now? This Buffalo NY based rap cinema artist and founder of hip hop collective TeamRadio has been producing some of the best progressive hip hop to ever come out of WNY. Be sure to check out Dance Party for The Heavy Hearted on his website (especially his track Chin Ups featuring another past subject of mine  – Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die.)

The Patron – Frits Abell

Frits Abell is an entrepreneur and patron of the arts who is the driving force behind WNY's Echo Arts fair.

The founder of both the Echo Art Fair and the Buffalo Expat Network (not to mention countless other ventures). Frits Abell is a guy who likes to make things happen – usually from a position of equal footing in both the arts and business worlds. A figure of growing importance in the revitalization of Buffalo, I was lucky to be able to spend a little time with this developer and arts patron in studio a few weeks back.

Coffee Time!

New Luke Copping Photography Coffee Mugs

Well… maybe not for me since I gave up drinking coffee a few months back (and most of my crew will tell you the last thing I need is something to make me more hyperactive). But now guests to my studio, my production team, and a few very lucky clients & friends all get to quaff their caffeinated beverages of choice from these badass new mugs that feature photographic processes both contemporary and vintage that Shauna Haider of We Are Branch designed for me.

And while I may not drink coffee out of mine anymore, it’s also great for sipping a post-shoot bourbon out of – purists be damned!

The Guitarist – Mick Hayes

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Mick Hayes .

Guitar slinging, soul, blues, and rock singing badass Mick Hayes is the subject of one of my most recent shoots!

It’s always a treat to get to photograph someone who has shared stages and billing with stars like Stevie Wonder, The Doobie Brothers, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Steve Vai, and Los Lonely Boys, and I’ve been lucky these past few years to work with Mick on a bunch of still and motion projects the include the release video and cover art of his most recent album.

More than that, I’ve had the pleasure of actually seeing the man play a few times, and it’s a revelatory experience to see live. Mick can play, sing, and put on one hello of a show. His astounding stage presence, steeped in the influence of his musical roots and coupled with his raw enthusiasm and skillful playing , is one of the reasons he’s endorsed by brands like Hammond  and Knaggs Guitars.

The Illustrator – Mickey Thoren Harmon

Illustrator and designer Mickey Thoren Harmon is the co-creator of "The Life and Times of Grovey Cleves. A humorous retelling of the life of "near great" President Grover Cleveland.

Most people know Grover Cleveland as America’s only President to serve two non-consecutive terms. Fewer know him as the former Mayor of my hometown of Buffalo NY, and later as a Governor of New York State who was  praised for his honesty and constant opposition of political corruption.

But now a new story is being told about Grover Cleveland, one that takes a “mostly accurate” look at the life of this “near great’ President and mustache enthusiast who continues to fly under the historical radar. The Life and Times of Grovey Cleves is a collaboration between outspoken illustrator Mickey Thoren Harmon and writer Scott Mancuso that tells the story of Cleveland’s days as a young bachelor and foodie in Buffalo during the city’s rise to prominence; to his rapid and reckless political ascent from Mayor to Governor to 22nd (and later 24th!) President of the United States in just three years.

Originally envisioned as a small exhibition Harmon’s drawings that revolved around his fascination with the political figure, the concept later grew into a more fully fleshed out publishing project with the involvement of Mancuso and the fabulous Western New York Book Arts Center who helped produce the limited edition work.

While you may no longer be able to get your hands on a print copy of this unique examination of the history of one of America’s more interesting but lesser known Presidents, you can still learn a little bit more about the man himself by checking out a digital version of The Life and Times of Grovey Cleves here.



Lisa Bobo is the Chief Information Officer of the City of Rochester New York - photographed for Public CIO Magazine

I consider myself pretty computer savvy, but sometimes I can feel pretty overwhelmed just trying to get files synched between the computers at my studio and my house. So I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to be responsible for the networking and information systems of a major city. But for Lisa Bobo coordinating the information technology for all of Rochester New York’s law enforcement, public works, and other essential services is just a part of the job. But as the role of information and networking becomes more important to the management of transportation, public safety, economic development, energy efficiency, urbanization and environmental stability in large urban areas Lisa has begun to network the experience and knowledge of other cities and CIO’s as the catalyzing force behind the Center for Technologies in Government – a coalition of information officers of the New York State cities of New York, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, and Yonkers dedicated to improving the way that technology affects our urban experience.