The One Eyeland Awards – David Brugh

I just found out that my portrait of David Brugh of Crockett and Co. was named a finalist in the 2020 One Eyeland Awards. This portrait was taken as part of an eyewear feature in Buffalo Spree Magazine which featured David among other local figures like Dr. Jaquelyn Malcolm, Harper Bishop, Alexa Wajed, Linda Mesi, Michael Poczkalski, and Deb Habes. I’ve included the other images from the series below.

Waxlight Bar à Vin

Jess Railey of Wax Light Bar A Vin in Buffalo NY

Waxlight Bar à Vin is a wine-focused restaurant in Buffalo, NY’s Black Rock Neighborhood. Owned and operated by a supergroup of some of the city’s most daring and forward-thinking culinary, wine, and cocktail minds. If this team were a band – they’d fall somewhere between Mad Season and the Traveling Wilburys. Each of the members brings a strong following of their own, having worked in various storied establishments across the US and globally. Edward Forster, Joseph Fenush, Jess Railey, Tony Rials, and Jeff Yannuzzi have created a space where people can both enjoy themselves and explore the unique aspects of taste and experience that this team crafts with a total lack of pretension. I don’t know many places where the staff, let alone the owners (one and the same here), will gladly nerd out with you about the finer details of the food and drink they’re serving. 

Just reading over some of their menu items has me drooling right now. I should never write about restaurants I’ve photographed when I’m hungry.

Edward Forster of Wax Light Bar A Vin in Buffalo NY
Fish appetizer created by Edward Forster and Joseph Fenush of Waxlight Bar a Vin in Buffalo NY
Joseph Fenush of Wax Light Bar A Vin in Buffalo NY
Tony Rials of Wax Light Bar A Vin in Buffalo NY
Cocktail created by Tony Rials of Waxlight Bar a Vin in Buffalo NY
Jeff Yannuzzi of Wax Light Bar A Vin in Buffalo NY


Buffalo, NY photographer Luke Copping - Portrait by David Moog/ Courtesy Burchfield Penny.
Photography by David Moog / Courtesy Burchfield Penney

It’s rare for me to make an appearance on this side of the camera. I’m usually the one behind it — directing talent, trying to set the mood, and trying to make an image that connects. But every few years I come out from under the dark-cloth and get in front of the lens for someone else. Continue reading “SITTING FOR DAVID MOOG: ARTISTS SEEN”


Buffalo Bills Quarterback EJ Manuel
Buffalo Bills Quarterback EJ Manuel is a dog lover. Him and his pit bull Titan have been together since EJ’s college days – and they’ve even been featured on the NFL Network together. EJ understands the importance of giving dogs a healthy and loving environment and is dedicated to helping change the negative and often unfounded stigma surrounding pit bulls and similar breeds.

As many of you know, I’m a dog lover too, and I donate a lot of my time to working with local rescue organizations that help dogs in bad situations find loving new homes. Lately I’ve been teaming up with Diamonds in the Ruff – A Buffalo, NY based rescue and adoption organization that helps rescue animals, finds them foster homes, and ultimately works towards placing them with caring families.

Adoption portraits are great and can really help individual animals, but there’s a much bigger audience out there who needs to be made aware of the amazing work that the volunteers at these rescues do for these animals, so Diamonds and I wanted to take it to the next level with our collaboration. We’ve been working on a very special series of videos and portraits that pair well-known animal lovers from WNY with adoptable dogs from DITR –  EJ and Vera are our latest subjects, and they make an amazing team.

EJ and I aren’t the only ones who are enthusiastic about Diamonds and helping WNY’s dogs – we’ve also partnered with Max Brown and Scott Allen of Partners + Napier, a Rochester, NY based advertising agency, and Mark Montalvo of Skin Digital Retouching. Max actually adopted his own dog Bella from Diamonds, and Mark has generously donated a lot of the retouching work for the adoption images I’ve created the past few years for the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.

Vera has been with Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue for a while now. Now it’s time for this wonderful, happy girl to find her forever home. Don’t be afraid to fall in love. Help us spread the word about Diamonds, whether you’re a dog lover, #Billsmafia, or just a fan of my photography – You can visit DITR’s Facebook page to find out more about the organization and adopting Vera here.

Buffalo Bills Quarterback EJ Manuel with Vera , an adoptable pit bull from Diamonds In The Ruff Rescue in Buffalo, NY