A painting by Nick Butlak

This weekend my friend Nicholas Butlak presented my with an amazing gift for my 31st birthday – a large oil painting he entitled Photographic Overdose. For as long as Nick and I have been friends / collaborators I have wanted one of his amazing paintings, and over the last few months he has been working on this piece as a surprise for me.

I love it. Thanks Nick!



Alternative Press AP Tour Cover

Last month I was invited to be part of a very cool project. Alternative Press was putting together the cover for their new AP Tour issue and needed to create images of the singers of each band involved in the tour, the problem was that these groups  were on tour in different parts of the world and getting them together on such short notice for a shoot wasn’t logistically feasible at the time. So the assignment went out to me and two other photographers to capture the members individually and coordinate with each other to build this cover. I photographed Jerry Roush from Glass Cloud and Chris Roetter of Like Moths to Flames along with their respective bands for features in the issue as well as their portraits for the cover. You can check out both bands below or on the AP Tour through the month of November.

Special thanks go out to Jonathan Weiner who photographed both Levi from Miss May I and Jonathan of The Ghost Inside; and to Kane Hibberd who photographed The Amity Affliction.

The New Is Stronger Than Ever

A screenshot of the new updated

Another piece of big news to share with you this week!

Over the past few days has been taken apart and put back together from the ground up. All new galleries, an all new mix of work, and an all new HTML5 framework to replace the previous and outdated flash version. It is now leaner, quicker, easier to get around, and now works even better on mobile devices.  This webpage has always been a living thing that grows and changes as me and my work do – and these front of house and behind the scenes updates represent the biggest round of changes to the site in the last two years.


Runway 5.0 final

Posters that were created for the BSC annual fashion event Runway – A showcase of student fashion design and textile arts. Erin Habes has done an amazing job producing this show year after year for some very talented students, often with the help of top minds in the fashion industry who donate their time to this event for the students. Each production tops the last in scope and ambition. Many of the students involved in the program were actually in studio during this shoot to observe the production of these images – so in addition to the styling/production team and talent it made for a crowded but fun set.

Runway 5.0 final

Special thanks to the team at Block Club for the poster design, all the students involved, the whole production team, and Erin Habes and Joseph Incao (Former Senior VP of Prada Retail Operations) for styling these images.

original images from the BSC Fashion Event posters

Papercut Magazine

papercut magazine lead image

Kyle Makrauer and I recently collaborated on an online feature for Papercut Magazine that delved deeper into Molly Hoeltke’s reclaimed fashion concept label Once Vintage – a design label I have shot with before. I very rarely find myself collaborating with another photographer in such a direct way as I did on this shoot, but Kyle and I wanted to try it as an experiment.

Below is a small gallery of my contribution to the project, you can see the rest of the images including those shot by Kyle on Papercut’s web feature.

Marie Vaccarello wearing Once Vintage collection


The Permanent Collection

A permanent collection of my favorite images from my personal record blog posts.

A permanent collection of my favorite images from my personal record blog posts.

I have toyed with the idea of giving some of my favorite images from Personal Record a permanent home on the main page of for some time now. What started as a small experiment of self-documentation has grown into a regular and very popular feature on my blog. Due to my own ongoing fascination with mobile photography as well as the wonderful encouragement that I have received from all of you over the past few months I will definitely be continuing to capture images from my day-to-day adventures – and you can now view a curated and evolving gallery of some of my favorites from the series here – I hope you enjoy! 

A permanent collection of my favorite images from my personal record blog posts.

Cocktails? Yes Please!

Rhea Anna professional bio portrait by buffalo photographer Luke Copping

Rhea Anna professional bio portrait by buffalo photographer Luke Copping

I have been in need of a new bio portrait for a long time, but I just never seemed to be able to find the time with how busy I have been over the past few months (or I was just plain avoiding it) Thankfully my friend and long time mentor Rhea Anna came to the rescue when she proposed that we swap portraits, of which she was also in need. Late last week we met up at my studio to finally make it happen.

Me and Rhea both specialize in photographing people, but neither one of us is very used to being on the other side of the lens. Aside from a large collection of very goofy and very surreal lighting tests that Rhea has accumulated of me over the years (she could probably publish a small book of them). I generally tend to make appearances on camera in a strictly iPhone / snaps at the bar / wearing a chicken suit kinda way, so It is a rare day when I can be convinced to sit for a formal portrait but with Rhea on board I knew I was going to be in good hands. I also knew we were going to be in for one hell of a good party!

Prep before the shoot included getting a much-needed haircut, stocking the studio’s fridge, and recruiting my friend – makeup stylist superstar Nicole Barry – to get us ready for the camera. Getting together with Rhea, whether we are working on a project together or just socially, is always a blast, and I knew I was in for a night of great pictures and classy cocktails when she showed up with a bottle of my favorite libation for me as a gift.

Hendricks Gin

Being super cool, rock and roll, jet set photographers – we naturally nerded out hard and got way into shooting. We were just bouncing ideas around on lighting, changing the studio setup around, talking about styling (Rhea even jumped in to fix my hair on few occasions) and enjoying the occasional strong beverages. We got so into taking pictures that we didn’t even realize that one of Rhea’s friends had gotten locked out of the studio for a while! We both ended up with new pictures we love, and a great new story to add to the chronicle of our many years of collaboration.

We will definitely be doing this again.

Stop by Rhea’s blog to see her take on the experience and another set of images.

New bio portrait of Luke Copping by Buffalo Photographer Rhea Anna

Interview With Ed Verosky

© Ed Verosky

Recently, Ed Verosky (pictured above) from conducted a very pleasant pod-cast interview with me, that interview is now live and can be heard on the blog. We talked about topics as diverse as my work, Ed and I’s views on content over gear, self curation, defined styles, the importance of the personal element in one’s photography,  and the viewer experience.

Click here to listen to the interview. 




ASMP Best of 2011

ASMP best of 2011 splash image

ASMP best of 2011 splash image

I cannot even begin to say how surprised and honored I was to find out recently that my project from earlier this year – Pigment – had been selected to be one of twenty projects featured in the American Society Of Media Photographers Best of 2011 Collection. ASMP conducted a pretty in-depth interview with me about the project, my work, and what it’s like to be part of a growing community of talented photographers and creatives working in the border city of Buffalo, NY. I am so proud to be featured among many other incredible projects like Jenna Close & John Held’s revolutionary remote control aerial photography, B. Proud’s fantastic series on long-term same-sex couples, and Barbara Kinney’s coverage of women affected by Alzheimer’s.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of the pigment series, and everyone else I have been lucky enough to collaborate with over the years.

Read the full interview with me here.

Victory Studios Grand Opening

Scott Gable of Victory Studios
Photo: Aaron Ingrao

Victory Studios Opening Header

Last week Aaron Ingrao, Scott Gable, And Myself opened our new workspace, Victory Studios, alongside some of our closest friends, clients, relatives, and other creatives. Even the good folks at Vitamin Water got involved and donated some beverages for the party.  Here are some images from our opening party.

The three photographers of Victory!!! From left to right: Scott Gable, Aaron Ingrao, and Myself.

My assistant Jason’s son Liam, who became the unofficial mascot of the opening.

Local photographer Jerry Seawood has been spending quite a bit of time on the other side of the camera lately, most notably as a key image in my Pigment series.


Clients and friends: Anatomy owner/designer Ali Eagen, and style writer/educator/advocate Erin Habes

Photo: Aaron Ingrao

Dj Lo Pro took care of the entertainment for the evening.

Photo: Aaron Ingrao
Photo: Aaron Ingrao

A better view of the whole space….

….Which we are pretty proud of, considering the space was a disaster zone just a few months before when we began our renovations,

My girlfriend Erin and my assistant’s wife; Tracie

Tracie, Liam, And Jason

Victory Studios Logo

The Victory Logo

 Photo: Aaron Ingrao
Photo: Aaron Ingrao

 Lisa Ellen Cooper and Lindsay DeDario

Scott and his family


 Dj Lo Pro

 As the sun goes down party goers were treated to one of the best views of the city.

Aaron and his father.

Jason Stoos

 Cooling down on the roof.

Photo: Aaron Ingrao

 As the night went on our photo ideas became more and more ambitious.

There is something wrong with us…

We are quite excited to finally be opening and hosting commercial clients in the new space. Keep your eyes open for upcoming educational and arts events we will be hosting there in the coming months as well.

Learning from the Boss

Luke Copping and Rhea Anna by Lindsay Dedario
Luke Copping and Rhea Anna by Lindsay Dedario
Photo: Lindsay Dedario

There is a cool piece in this months issue of PDN (The Heroes and Mentors issue) featuring me called Learning from the Boss featuring several photographers talking about their mentors in the industry (people like Bill Cramer, Jeff Hutchens, and Bruce Weber were featured) I got the rare opportunity in the article to talk about one of my favorite people – my long time mentor, Rhea Anna. Check out the current issue of the magazine to see the full article

Without going too much into the magazine’s content, I just want to say that Rhea has been a wonderful friend and mentor. Working with her reignited my passion for photography after a long period of me thinking I had lost it, and the example she sets has been a huge influence on me and other artists that have worked with her. I have learned more from her about photography, professionalism, and creativity than any other source I can think of, proving that you cannot discount the influence of an amazing mentor.

Thanks Rhea!!

Eurostyle Apparel In Store Posters

Eurostyle Apparel in store posters

Eurostyle Apparel in store posters by Buffalo Photographer Luke Copping

I received a pleasantly unexpected package in the mail over the weekend from Yuri over at Eurostyle Apparel,  a T-shirt company whose catalog and look-books I shot earlier this year. Inside I found three of the wonderful in-store posters that Eurostyle will be using to promote their new line in all of the stores that carry them as well as several fashion expos and events throughout the upcoming year.

Thanks Guys!

Stir Crazy

I want to photograph something!


I’m sitting here sick as a dog. I really should be resting, but with a sleep schedule that is already as tenuous as mine, getting some shut eye seems to be a elusive goal. I have an urge to be out there doing something creative – making some new images and working on a bunch of new video pieces. I’ve been doodling ideas the last two days and trying to get my creative muscles back into full swing after a brief personal hiatus that I took after my father passed away last month. I am itching to start working on some new personal work and redefine my portfolio in the coming weeks. I’ll be laying out my mission plan here on the blog shortly.