A painting by Nick Butlak

This weekend my friend Nicholas Butlak presented my with an amazing gift for my 31st birthday – a large oil painting he entitled Photographic Overdose. For as long as Nick and I have been friends / collaborators I have wanted one of his amazing paintings, and over the last few months he has been working on this piece as a surprise for me.

I love it. Thanks Nick!


Papercut Magazine

papercut magazine lead image

Kyle Makrauer and I recently collaborated on an online feature for Papercut Magazine that delved deeper into Molly Hoeltke’s reclaimed fashion concept label Once Vintage – a design label I have shot with before. I very rarely find myself collaborating with another photographer in such a direct way as I did on this shoot, but Kyle and I wanted to try it as an experiment.

Below is a small gallery of my contribution to the project, you can see the rest of the images including those shot by Kyle on Papercut’s web feature.

Marie Vaccarello wearing Once Vintage collection


Family Picnic

Jim Copping

Jim Copping

It has been an extremely busy week spent out of the office working on numerous sets and productions, but over the weekend I had the singular and relaxing pleasure of getting to see a great deal of my extended family during a trip to Canada. Here is a small selection of mobile images from that day.

(Above: My Uncle Jim)

Dianne Copping

My Mother and her Jays Cap.


My cousins new baby, Billy.


Beth and Jason's Engagement Party

Dungaree Dolly and Jason's Engagement Photos

My friends Beth (from and Jason (from the Royal Crowns) had their amazing engagement party over the weekend and I got a chance to take this über adorable engagement photograph of them as an engagement gift that really shows off this wonderful couple’s unique style. Congratulations you two!

The Zach

A portrait of photographer and writer Zach Rose

A new addition to my infrequent but ongoing series of portraits capturing creative types in WNY – Zach Rose is a photographer and writer from Buffalo, NY that I have known for some time, in fact, Zach was even my assistant for a brief period. Zach is one of the major contributors to Auxiliary Magazine, a publication that I frequently collaborate with.

The Nathan

Video artist Nathan Peracciny

What started out as a small project photographing some of my closest friends who are also artists is quickly becoming a larger goal of documenting the Western New York creative community and some of its more notable figures. Nathan Peracciny is a Buffalo based film maker and street photographer who meshes the raw and unfiltered quality of his still images with immaculate story telling style of his film and video work. His enthusiasm for not just his work but the creative community in Buffalo is infectious and he has a exhibition coming up soon to fund a documentary trip to the Dominican Republic to record the exploits of a charitable medical group. Over the weekend I got to photograph him in the raw unfinished space that is being renovated up for his début show.

Videographer and photographer Nathan Peracciny

The Aaron

Photographer Aaron Ingrao

A late night update, but I had a blogging itch that had to be scratched. I got to hang out with one of my favorite photographic co-conspirators today when sports and adventure photographer Aaron Ingrao dropped by today to talk shop and have me take some new portraits for his newly updated and revamped website.

Photographer Aaron Ingrao

Auxiliary Magazine Editorial – Free Preview

The good people over at Auxiliary Magazine have a free online preview of their magazine this month, which features my latest beauty editorial for them. Auxiliary is a great magazine that puts an alternative spin on current fashions and styles and this months issue is no exception. It features my editorial, An interview with Michael Swaim from, and tons of music and fashion.

Runway 3.0

Last week I got to attend the latest incarnation of Runway 3.0, an annual fashion event put on by the Buffalo State College fashion and textile technology program created to highlight the designs of their students as well as more established designers working in or connected to the Western New York area. In this odd circumstance, I was not there to work as a photographer, but rather as a writer for a regional fashion publication who wanted me to document the show from a photographer’s point of view. I was however able to grab some quick iPhone images of the event to share, even in low quality, some of the stunning designs that were created by the students and designers involved.  The amount of production put into the show by Erin Habes, the coordinator of the Runway 3.0 program, is astonishing. This was no typical school event, all the elements of a major market fashion show were in place; a collection of wearable fiber art in a private VIP exhibition, catering and drinks to shame the most opulent parties, an amazing venue, professional stage production and lighting to present the garments in the best possible light, and the participation and support of major designers like Adam Lippes.

There was nothing about the show that was not impressive, well produced, and visually stunning. There was a definite sense of the future and innovation in the show, especially in the work of standout designer Tess Hinterbichler whose forward thinking designs combined a sense of simplicity with a modern aesthetic and chameleonic mutability. also represented was Morgen Love, a more established designer who I have had the pleasure of working with many times. Morgen unveiled several new pieces from her latest collection, a combination of classic aesthetics mixed with a modern primitive influence. For a long time, Buffalo has sat between the circle of influences of Toronto and NYC, especially in terms of fashion and the arts. People often ignore that Buffalo is a style conscious and fashion forward city because it is not a major fashion market itself. Impressive events like Runway 3.0 are beginning to prove that Buffalo is a viable venue for fashion education and consumption.

Cover Shoot – Auxiliary Magazine 1 year Anniversary Issue


My friends over at Auxiliary Magazine just celebrated their one year anniversary with the release of their December issue. For the last year this growing publication has developed its unique take on counterculture fashion and style and this is the finest issue that this small independent publication has released. I was honored to photograph the anchor editorial, WET, for the beauty section as well as the cover of this important edition. WET features a modern take on mass produced plastic jewelry from great independent designers and artists like Plastique, Isette, and CBST’s Closet.