A look behind the scenes at some of the craziness my team and I can get up on a shoot. This video shows you some of the action on set during a very colorful and messy portrait shoot with Cricket Gordon and Elaine Pyne for Buffalo Spree. I’m excited to be able to share the final images from this story with you next week,

A Little Bit Of Behind The Scenes

I infrequently post behind the scenes images from productions, but this past week I was afforded the opportunity to shoot an assignment for my longtime client, Bella Visage International, inside of one of the most wonderful locations Buffalo NY has to offer – The Silverthorne Mansion – and I could not resist sharing some of them.

And finally, one of the whole crazy gang.

SIlverthorne Mansion Crew image BTS


Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes Reviewing the images

A behind the scenes look at a recent production that took place at SHOOT studios for Auxiliary Magazine. From left to right. Meagan Hendrickson – AD, Luke Copping – Photographer , Andrea Losecco – Makeup , Jessica Jean – Hair, Catherine Johnson – Model, Paige Carson – Model, and Jason Stoos – Assistant

Jewelry from shoot Behind the Scenes: Jessica touching up Paige's hair

Jessica Touching up hair

Prepping to shoot

Watching me Shoot

Jessica Jean

A few outtakes from yesterday’s shoot with Jessica Jean. I had seen this pile of marble from the roadway a while back, and taken a few pictures of it while out walking dogs, but I had wanted to use it in a major project for some time. Jessica was out with us on this assignment and the final series will be coming soon, but here are some outtakes and a preview in the meantime.

Jessica Jean outtake

Adjusting wardrobe

Mr. Chops decided to visit the set today

Walking over rocky terrain in a skirt like that can be precarious at best.

The pile of slabs.

Jessica Jean

The first finished preview. This will be quite the series when its complete, so stay tuned. – Behind the Scenes

Some crew shots from yesterday’s shoot with the crew of These intrepid travelers are about to leave on a month long adventure across the country. Flying on Jet Blue’s All you Can Jet Pass and documenting their trip along the way.

Left to Right: Amber Rampino, Luke Copping (photographer) Dan Gigante, and Clark Dever

Left to Right: Amber Rampino, Will Ingalls (assistant) Dan Gigante, and Clark Dever

Behind the Scenes: Ties and Glasses for Auxiliary Magazine

Selection of Ties from Cyberoptix Tie Labs

A range of ties provided by the wonderful Bethany Shorb of Cyberoptix Tie Labs, I plan on getting a few of these designs for myself. I’m a little bit in love with the chartreuse and pink lotus tie.

Lauren Mentkowski getting hair done

Our wonderful model; Lauren. Who was a savior on this particular shoot.

April Grigajtis

Hairstylist April Grigajtis will blow you away.

Lauren on set

Lauren Getting her final styling right before stepping in front of the lens.

Molly and Zach

Molly and Zach – Masters of interpretive dance.