Koby Altman For Middlebury Magazine

Koby Altman overshot from Middlebury Magazine. Koby is the Gm of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Basketball team.

Middlebury Magazine sent me to Cleveland OH for a cover story on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ GM Koby Altman back in March. We got to spend the better part of a day with Koby shooting portraits and documenting what a game day is like for him leading up to tip-off as he and the Cavs geared up to Face the Milwaukee Bucks that night.

You can read the full story over at Middlebury Magazine.

Koby Altman During a shoot around at the Cleveland Cavaliers practice facility early on a game day.

Portrait of Cleveland Cavaliers Gm Koby Altman during a the pre-game of a Cavs vs Bucks game. Koby Altman cover shot from the cover of Middlebury College Magazine. Koby Altman is the General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers

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