Lindsay DeDario and Her Golden Accordion

When I first discussed the idea of photographing the multi-talented Lindsay DeDario the original intention was for it to be part of my ongoing white + white series of portraits… that quickly changed when I found out that this accordion was on the table as a potential prop.

If I was ever going to learn to play another instrument it would be the accordion —I think it’s a terribly underrated instrument and I’ve always had secret aspirations to play fancy French waltzes for my wife like a character from a film set in a seedy 20’s cabaret. Naturally, when Lindsay mentioned that she had gotten her hands on this incredible white and gold specimen (she plays) I immediately fell in love with the idea of photographing her with it (because accordion… right?)

Thanks to Lindsay’s influence I might have to follow though on this hidden obsession and start playing to occupy my time between shoots.

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