Legendary Buffalo Sabres winger/enforcer and Sports broadcaster Rob Ray

It’s time to throw down your gloves and start swinging when Legendary Buffalo Sabres enforcer Rob Ray is in your studio. (maybe not, I’m pretty sure I’d come out on the losing end of that one)

For a guy with such a fearsome reputation on the ice that the NHL has a fighting rule named after him (better keep your jersey tied down when resorting to fisticuffs from now on). I’m happy to say that Rob (aside from being very friendly) was actually sitting for this portrait to help some very special and in-need dogs find their forever homes as part of an ongoing campaign that I’ve been working on with Partners + Napier to help promote a wonderful animal rescue called Diamonds in the Ruff. 

I spent most of my teenage years watching Rob go toe to toe (skate to skate?) with guys like Tie Domi and Steve Webb, but since he’s made the transition to being part of the Sabres’ broadcast team (alongside Rick Jeanneret and fellow former Sabres enforcer Brad May) Rob has made an even bigger impact locally by being incredibly active in helping a number of Buffalo based charities and community organizations like DITR. I’m so glad he could be a part of this project that combines my love of Buffalo Hockey with helping these amazing animals.

1 thought on “ROB RAY”

  1. All around great guy! He is not only a hero to many fans, but also to many in the community that have nothing to do with hockey! I got the chance to meet him and he was awesome. Down-to-earth, and everything you would expect from some who is a public figure…


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