You didn’t think that postcards was all I had up my sleeves did you?

Following up on my last post, where I went over the new tri-fold mailers that I had just sent out. I wanted to share with you another promo piece that was soon to be on its way to  some of my favorite people (and some people who I have my eye on getting to know better).

A few years back I did a large newsprint promo that collected a bunch of the stories about artisans and entrepreneurs in the Buffalo NY area that I had been working on. It was my first foray into doing newsprint, and it was hugely successful for me (thanks in no small part to the amazing design work done by Shauna Haider of We Are Branch — who I have been lucky enough to collaborate with for the past few years), and I fell in love with this style of printing. There is something ephemeral and so pleasing to the mix of the images, the feel of the paper, and even the smell of ink. I get the same vibe off of it that people say they still get from reading real print books as opposed using an e-reader.

This year we’ve decided to change it up — slightly. Instead of a large tabloid sized newspaper that was very text heavy, we’ve opted for a small magazine sized piece that has more of the feel of a zine, and serves as something of a digest to some highlights of my recent work. Shauna did another amazing job with the layout of this piece, and we printed it at the Newspaper Club.  In it you’ll see subjects that range from Michael Dimmer and Chrstian Wilmot who own Marble + Rye (who were just featured in Open Table’s 100 Hottest Restaurants in America), to Buffalo Bills’ Quarterback EJ Manuel, to Bobby Finan of Tommyrotter Distillery.

I’ve only done a small print run to start — just enough to send out a select list of clients and people at some brands I’d really love to partner with, but there is a good chance I will do another run soon, so you might just be lucky enough to get your hands on one.


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