Buffalo, NY photographer Luke Copping - Portrait by David Moog/ Courtesy Burchfield Penny.
Photography by David Moog / Courtesy Burchfield Penney

It’s rare for me to make an appearance on this side of the camera. I’m usually the one behind it — directing talent, trying to set the mood, and trying to make an image that connects. But every few years I come out from under the dark-cloth and get in front of the lens for someone else.

I was invited by David Moog to be a part of his Artists Seen series — an ongoing multi-year project in which David is attempting to create a record of artists working in, or connected to, Western New York. He’s partnered with the Burchfield Penney Art Center  — an amazing gallery and museum dedicated to featuring and archiving work exclusively by artists from the area. The gallery has provided David with a dedicated studio in the museum for him to capture the hundreds of creatives who make up the contemporary artists community of Buffalo and the surrounding areas. It’s an amazing group of artists and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Because we’re both photographers  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that our short portrait session turned into an amazing conversation about our favorite photographers, David’s history, and the nature of art and creativity. It was a perfect storm of two people who are very enthusiastic about art getting a chance to talk shop.

Be sure to see more of David’s work here

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