Aerial silk artist and acrobat Jenn Kowalik.

I hope everyone has bounced back with style and grace from their yearly overdose of tryptophan induced food comas, good wine, football (unless hockey is on, hockey always wins) and awkward family moments. Most of you only have to do thanksgiving once a year, but for those of you like me and Erin who get the pleasure of one in October (The cooler Canadian version) and regular American Thanksgiving in November (Which falls just a few days after my birthday – Hello thirty-three!) the road to recovery can be a little trickier, especially with more holiday feasting right around the corner. Welcome back everyone. 

I’ve had the pleasure of making many portraits of acrobat, dancer, and aerial performer Jenn Kay over the years, but in the past they’ve usually been a little more over the top – think crazy snow-covered winter landscapes and metallic blue pants (a look that totally works when you’re making a portrait of someone who lives in an art gallery and spends her nights flying around theaters on aerials silks). This is definitely the most stripped down and simple portrait of her that I’ve ever made of her, which is an approach to making images that I think I’ll always gravitate towards.

I’m pushing hard to finish this year strong, wrapping up some huge client projects that have extended through most of the year and beginning to get marketing goals and new projects in order so that I can conquer 2015. Stuff has been hectic, fast paced, and stressful in that really exhilarating way you kind of actually miss when life slows back down for a minute. I’m thankful for all the craziness and change that has brought me my best year in business ever. I’m also super thankful for all the marvelous and creative people who surround me in Buffalo, Like Jenn, and all the other cool makers and doers I’ve profiled over the last eighteen months. Characters that are willing enablers in helping me scratch my creative itch, because sometimes you need that brief shift from assignment work back into creating something completely under your own control. Getting get back to creating the kind of simple, moody portraits of creative and mad people that I love making. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned for the next few months, and I don’t plan on letting the cold Buffalo winter slow me down.

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