CBAS Adopted Dog Linda BlairFor movie fans, the name Linda Blair likely evokes memories of the actress who played Regan MacNeil in the Exorcist, crawling backwards down a flight of stairs or retching pea soup all over a couple of priests, but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to this sweetheart. This very petite pit was named Linda Blair by the volunteers at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter in honor of the horror legend’s work with dogs of all kinds through her Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation and especially her efforts to rescue and change the stigma surrounding certain breeds.

Linda Blair’s photograph immediately generated a lot of interest in adoption on Facebook and Twitter, but the first family to adopt her ended up not being a good fit and she was returned to the shelter shortly after. I felt terrible, she is just the most wonderful animal and my crew and I had so much fun playing with her when she visited the studio. She was warm, playful, social, super friendly, and deserving of an amazing home. Thankfully we had all underestimated just how popular her picture had become, because in no time at all she was off to live with a marvelous family who found out she was available for adoption again – this time, the fit was just right and she’s been with her new family since mid-summer.


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