Photographing people is kind of my thing, I’ve made a fun career out of creating portraits that capture people’s personality, style, and unique stories – but lately I’ve been wholly fascinated with a different kind of subject.

Working with animals has become a marvelously important part of my work this year.  It started out with a personal project (some would say it was an assignment from my girlfriend) to create portraits my three dogs: Chops, Akasha, and Kemper. Understandably, I had a lot of fun making these images of my awesome doggies, but an unintended and positive side effect of that first series was that it grabbed people’s attention in a very cool way and quickly grew into collaborations with animal organizations like and the Buffalo Animal Shelter (because having good pictures really does go a long way to helping animals get adopted) advertising projects with agencies like Rochester’s Truth Collective, and frequent commissions from my human clients to photograph their own furry, and sometimes scaly, friends. After a few months of photographing creatures big and small I’ve finally launched a new body of work to show off all the personality and wonderfulness of these new friends of mine.

These are just a few samples of the new collection, you can see it in its entirety here


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