Required Reading is a monthly roundup of the good stuff: links, projects, videos, and cool things I’m reading and watching.  These are the things to get your brain moving and make your day just a little better – fun, informative, and a little addictive.

Sonder (above) is a wonderful little reminder about both the dramatic importance and unimportance of our lives, and that others are no better or worse than us. Everyone is the protagonist of their own story.

I spent a lot of time traveling this month, and after long trips to Texas, San Diego, and Toronto i’ve been feeling a little under the weather (I think I have 6 different kinds of cold all at once) here are some tips from Sarah Wilson on how to maintain your health while flying all over the damn place. 

I love this poster of the Sugru Fixer’s Manifesto (And I love Sugru too – I can’t tell you how many cables, cases, and odds and ends I have fixed with it the past few months). There’s something universally appealing about being able to fix something rather than replacing it.

My pal Bruce Katz has a great feature on Photography and Architecture this month .

Though images have become one of the most important methods we have of sharing memories and illustrating experiences they are often undervalued by businesses and the media. One French newspaper performed a brave experiment into how we relate to images by taking a sobering look at a world without photography.

The master of pop-culture nerdism shares some of his best time management tips, and someone as busy as Chris Hardwick is had better know a thing or two about efficiency.

I was so happy to find this beautiful gallery of Charlie Chaplin movie posters, it make me want to go an re-watch all his classics.

These scenes from old malls bring back weird childhood memories for me, and remind us why fashion in the 80’s was both glorious and terrifying. 

A different take on Shawn Wrafter of Wrafterbuilt (featured in a recent story of mine) by my assistant Shawna Stanley.

Need help coming up with a witty social (or just plain weird)l media post? Try What Would I Say?

Want to learn to do something better in just 100 days? Give your learning an audience with Give It 100.

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