Required Reading is a monthly roundup of things that catch my attention: news, links, videos, blogs, and cool projects by other creatives that I want to share with you – fun, inspiring, and a little addictive. 

I love hearing insights into the lives of other artists. The Reserve Channel keeps impressing me with their unique interview series like Artist Tlk with Pharell Williams and On the Table with Eric Ripert., but my favorite is Capture with Mark Seliger. Check out the episode above with Matt Mahurin and Judd Apatow

Things American: Buffalo is one of the most interesting pieces of writing that I have ever read about my hometown and the direction it is heading in.

Every opening line that the great Elmore Leonard wrote.

Stop being so afraid of change,  I love the last line of this post by Seth Godin “It’s not ruined, it’s merely different”

Chris Capozziello has already successfully funded his Kickstarter campaign for his project The Distance Between UsBut you should still check out the video and work he has produced to tell the story of him and his twin brother Nick, who has Cerebral Palsy. Though this project has reached its goal there is still time to get involved and help it gain additional funding.

This video examination of the Uncanny Valley is fascinating… and not at all (extremely) creepy.

I’ll be keeping Guys With Fancy Lady Hair in my folder reserved for rainy days when I need something to make me laugh.

When was the last time you wrote yourself fan mail? At first I thought this was pretty vain, but after thinking about it for a while I realized just how much sense it really makes.

The Great Discontent has some fantastic and in-depth interviews with all sorts of creative and passionate people. I’ve been putting a lot of time aside in the evenings to catch up with its archives lately.

Want to build your own digital camera?

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