A bit of business meets style with this image of Kimberly Reinagal.

Every now and then I like to work on a project with the interns and assistants around the studio. We all get together once every month or two and bring someone in to photograph. It’s a fun time and they can all practice some of the techniques they have picked up – It’s part workshop and part party. A few weeks ago while working on some lighting demonstrations with my recent intern Valerie Kasinksi we had Kim come by so that Val could try out a few concepts with her. Val created some portraits that were very in line with the nature themed imagery that she is becoming known for. After Val had worked on some images it was my turn, and I quickly put this concept together alongside makeup artist Nicole Barry – we were looking to create something serious and edgy that was a bit of a mix between the stylish portraiture I do and the corporate work that is becoming a bigger part of my business. I was quite happy with the results from that evening – and though this isn’t work from an assignment or one of my longer personal projects I wanted to share it simply because it was so much fun to work on.

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