Diabolical - Natalie Shau
From Diabolical by photographer and illustrator Natalie Shau

Required Reading is a monthly roundup of things that catch my attention: news, links, videos, blogs, and cool projects by other creatives that I want to share with you – fun, inspiring, and a little addictive. 

The RSRV channel has produced this really outstanding interview between Pharrell Williams and Henry Rollins – two interesting artists with a lot to say. I think Henry Rollins continues to make excellent points about saying yes to new things and throwing yourself fully into what you do.

Coverjunkie continues to be one of my favorite resources to see what is happening in the editorial world, and this cover for Fabulous featuring Debbie Harry os a perfect example why – it doesn’t hurt that I just love Debbie Harry too.

Natalie Shau’s work has popped up more and more on my social media feeds as friends of mine seem to always be talking about her. Her illustration and photography is surreal, beautiful and a little dark. I have become a big fan of her art and advertising work over the past few weeks.

Ikea in Swedish is an audio guide to properly pronounce the names of Ikea products. Is it weird that when I found this site I felt a huge sense of relief wash over me?

Zen Habits has this weird ability to predict whatever it is I happen to be stressed about at the moment, and post a blog about it at just the right time. I got a lot out of this article about the worry that some of us face over whether we are working on the right tasks.

I thought it was a bit silly at first, but the ambient coffee shop soundtrack that Coffitivity provides is actually pretty cool for helping to drown out distractions.

Ever have a day when the words just wont come? The change of pace that comes with these speed writing exercises may be just what you need to make a huge change in how you work.

The awesome VSCO is now featuring a curated stream of some of the best mobile photography featured on their new VSCO Grid publishing platform.

#60Inspirations is a project from Spotify that features sixty sings that influenced ten great creative thinkers.

Can talking about your projects and goals too much make you lose your passion for them?

Over the past few weeks I have become a little obsessed with Hannibal, and it thrilled me to find out that there is an accompanying food blog by the show’s food stylist Janice Poon called Feeding Hannibal. The blog covers both the recipes Hannibal makes on the show as well as how Poon creates and styles the “human” delicacies that the gourmand serial killer prepares in each episode.

James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem talks about failure and the difference between laziness and the fear of making mistakes. 

A roundup of the Tumblrs of this year’s PDN 30. There is a ton of amazing photographic work here.

The Open University has produced a cool series of short animated videos on the history of various design movements. Start with this one on Gothic Revival, and then move on to some of the other videos covering movements like: Arts and Crafts, Modernism, Bauhaus, and more.

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