Required Reading is a monthly roundup of things that catch my attention: news, links, videos, blogs, and cool projects by other creatives that I want to share with you – fun, inspiring, and a little addictive. 

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most touching and beautiful, like this underwater dance routine above by Conor Horgan.

Five really simple and effective business tips for pushovers to help you stop following imaginary rules.

A short sweet guide to giving absolutely no fucks, and why you should start now.

What happens when you turn the waveforms of songs into a 3-D sculptural visualization? you end up with something as beautiful as MICROSONIC LANDSCAPES.

ASMP and Photo Shelter jointly released a must read guide to copyright for photographers and creatives earlier this month that delves into the details on how to actually register and manage your IP (I even contributed a section on implementing copyright into your workflow)

Finally, a meme that appeals to my nerdiness, and actually results in some pretty interesting pictures. 

These cover designs for Code, a fashion magazine from the Netherlands, really impressed me when I caught them on Cover Junkie earlier this month.

An ever growing list of quotes and wisdom about working with and relating to creatives.

A brilliantly animated trip through the filmography of Stanley Kubrick by Martin Woutisseth

Stanley Kubrick – a filmography from Martin Woutisseth on Vimeo.

The Impossible Cool has long been one of my favorite Tumblr destinations, but I am especially enamored lately with this photograph of Buster Keaton that I found there.

Liking Lee Bretschneider’s project Role Play on Behance may make me a huge nerd, but I am so okay with that.

An simple comic that presents big thoughts on creative sustainability, recovering the joy of amateurism, and having a positive effect on your photographic environment.

There is an understandable eerie and still atmosphere to be found in these images of the abandoned radioactive ghost towns of Japan. 

Movie title stills from every decade of cinema – this is an absolute treasure trove for design and film nerds.

Some of the most thought provoking insights into the business of photography today are being shared by Heather Elder in her Community Table blog posts – here is a directory of all of them to date. A must read

As design and food are becoming more and more intertwined Ento explores how the aesthetics of sushi may change the perception of the worlds most sustainable source of protein – this looks beautiful and delicious.

Some damn decent tips for traveling with your photo gear on assignment from Chris Crisman 

This trailer for Who Shot Rock & Roll got me pretty excited

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