Dailies is a monthly collection of the images I take in my day to day life: casual snaps and test shots of friends and family, unguarded behind the scenes images of my subjects, Polaroids, Instagrams, and documentation of my myriad and sordid adventures. 

1. On assignment in Rochester New York for Multifamily Executive Magazine – fourteen floors up checking out the skyline.

scott gable, luke copping, and andy buscemi

2. Scott Gable, Andy Buscemi, and Myself last month as we started work on a super secret project to be unveiled soon.


Clockwise from top left:

3. My assistant Liz hanging out with the guys from Glass Cloud on the roof of my old studio while we were on assignment for Alternative Press

4. Chris Roetter of Like Moths to Flames

5. Glass Cloud

6.Josh Travis, guitarist of Glass Cloud


7. Had my first shoot in the new studio over the weekend, and it was a big one. I made this series of natural light portraits on my phone of some  of the cast and crew who were visiting that day.



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