Revolved Forms
A study of repetitive forms and color from Crtomir Just’s Project Revolved Forms

Required Reading is a monthly roundup of things that catch my attention: news, links, videos, blogs, and cool projects by other creatives that I want to share with you – fun, inspiring, and a little addictive. 

Urbio is one of the coolest organizational systems I have ever seen – completely modular and usable in so many ways. I adore the idea of being able to mix plants in with a desk or kitchen system in such a cool way.

Sivu spent three hours in an MRI machine to make this surreal video for Better Man Than He

Ten excellent e-mail tips from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, I truly need to adopt numbers one and seven.

With so much rampant abuse out there I am so grateful for this refined guide to social media etiquette.

Just so you know – how to coil your cables. 

This gorgeous black & white video for Woodkid’s I Love You rivals his earlier video for Iron, which I raved about in a previous edition of required reading.

An interview with artist and olympian Casey Legler, on her work as a male model.

Keeping your sense of authenticity can be hard as you start working for bigger clients with stricter brand guidelines, here is how photographer Alexa Miller keeps it a little bit more real. 

In 1961 Playboy Magazine put America’s greatet designers together in one room. 

The strange differences between how actors wore makeup in silent films and talkies.

A interesting writing exercise with the goal of helping you sell anything.

Crtomir Just explores themes of repetitive shape and color in his project Revolved Forms.

A new episode of the Reserve Channel photography series Capture. Host Mark Seliger talks about photography with Ben Lowey & Baryshnikov – I love this show.

Have you seen the trailer for the commercial fishing documentary Leviathan yet? Just based on the visuals and sound in the trailer I cannot wait to see it.

Hessian is a brand in search of a product, and it is up for grabs. Wired recently featured a post on this strange but interesting brand for sale.

Silencio is a David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti homage band that is strangely addictive to listen to.

I have two old 50 mm lenses sitting on my desk right now, and I think I just found something fun to do with them – time to break out my tools and have some fun freelensing. 

A short documentary on the home of photographer Jay Maisel 

Koken is an interesting new online portfolio solutions for photographers that just launched.

Weirdly effective advertising from Herbaria directed by Andreas Roth – Selling a calming tea by tapping into primal nightmares (If you don’t like clowns, be warned)

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