Ink Mixing with Water - a due Colori - Alberto Seveso
Ink mixing with water – From the project a due Colori by Alberto Seveso

Required Reading is a monthly roundup of things that catch my attention: news, links, videos, blogs, and cool projects by other creatives that I want to share with you – fun, inspiring, and a little addictive. 

Sometimes there is no secret trick or easy route, sometimes you just need to work harder than everyone else. 

My newest Tumblr obsession is this surreal and hypnotic stream of Kim Jong-Un looking at things. 

You can find some of the best pulp and fantasy illustration around in this gallery of Heavy Metal Magazine covers from 1977-2013.

For guys and girls who are a little nerdy about their neckwear – how to tie an Eldredge knot

Federico Garcia presents a fun animated listing of important architects and their famous buildings.

Proving that getting used to hearing “no” can get you closer to hearing a “yes” – Jia Jiang tries to desensitize himself to rejection in 100 Days of Rejection Therapy

Mike Joyce of has a new book coming out that features 200 of his redesigned vintage gig posters, you can pre-order it here.

Shooting with vintage and expired film seems to go in and out of vogue every few years, but what about making images with ruined film that has never been exposed. The results are somewhat… cosmic.

A look at The Beat Generation through the annotated photographs of poet Allen Ginsberg. 

Four things to stop doing at your desk this week.

Design Jargon Bullshit is a repository to collect all the horrible buzzword/adspeak/marketing double talk that needs to go away.

The one hundred most appreciated Behance projects of 2012. My favorite of the collection is a project called a due Colori by Alberto Saveso.

A really clever look at the editing process of Kwaku Alston, specifically a shoot with Drew Barrymore.

Done | Not Done is a clever concept for a to do list to remind you of the things that you want to do rather than what you need to do. Seems great for media junkies like me who easily lose track of their expansive movie and book queues.

A frighteningly large (90+ pages) library of skateboard ads from vintage to modern at Skately. A lot to explore, but there are some real gems here.

Strangely Compelling is one long stream of amazing black and white fashion and portrait imagery curated by Simon Engström, very few feeds ever live up to their names like this one does.

Seven tips to survive an unexpected photo assignment with the always entertaining Benjamin Von Wong.

The Amazings is an incredible concept that taps into one of the greatest sources of knowledge out there – experience. I really hope this spreads into a larger movement.

Zack Arias is back from his social media hiatus with a sort of sequel to his incredible Transform (which had a huge effect on me when I forst saw it) called Signal & Noise. We all need a reminder like this sometimes.

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