While I was away on vacation I got an email from my old pal and fellow photographer Douglas Sonders to contribute to a post he was writing for Fstoppers about the work ethic and sacrifices that are needed in many people’s journeys to become successful photographers. Naturally, I was supposed to be on a work-free holiday for a few days without my laptop, so I ended up writing a lengthy contribution to Douglas’ post on my iPhone while sitting in a hotel lobby (the irony is not lost on me). It is a great post and I think a lot of creatives could benefit from reading what Douglas, myself, and the other contributors wrote.

“It is a given trade off that we need to make sacrifices to achieve success in any field that we want to truly excel at. But I firmly believe that our mindset and how we approach those sacrifices has a lot to do with how we perceive our situations. My work is part of my life, I integrate it into so much of what I do that often it does not feel like work, but rather something I am excited to do. For a long time I found it hard to maintain friendships and relationships outside of the photo industry because very often people did not understand the requirements and dedication needed to run a successful freelance business. But over time I did learn that my true friends wanted nothing but success for me, and they don’t resent the fact that it may be weeks or months between times we hang out because of my travel and work schedule, but when when we do meet up they are excited for me, and it is often like no time has passed – and I am quite content with that”

Read more at Fstoppers

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