Required Reading is a weekly listing of all the bits of visual inspiration, cool videos, news, hip links, and miscellaneous information that rattles my head during the week.

A very important post by Douglas Sonders about how photographers often push themselves to the limits physically and mentally and how we need to be more mindful of taking care of ourselves. Douglas just went through a period of making some pretty substantial changes to his lifestyle and the payoff for him in just a few months has been amazing. I have been on my own journey as well – making some substantial lifestyle alterations the last few months and I have lost 25 lbs as a result find that both my mental focus has improved dramatically.

And while you are busy making some mindful additions to your fitness routine, why not take a look at managing your finances in a more mindful way. Bill Cramer of Wonderful Machine recently shared some insightful information about financial management and tracking for photographers.

Port Magazine takes a look at the 100+ year old Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club in South London in a stylish video directed by Anthony Austin

A look at what some of the most famous photographs in the world would like like with some tasteless photographers watermarks added.

Richard Pare rediscovers the lost history of Russia’s avant-garde architecture.

MOCAtv and Susan Bright explore the work of photographers turned music video directors. 

As a continuation of the above article. I cannot reiterate enough how amazing Roger Ballen’s work is.

My pal Andy Buscemi and a couple of crazy wedding photographer friends really want to photograph your March 16th South Korean Wedding –  It is an oddly specific wish, but I want to help them make it happen.


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