Student and Artist Valerie KasinskiStudent and Artist Valerie Kasinski

These portraits of Valerie Kasinski were made before a small student lighting workshop that was held at my studio last month, she had bravely agreed not just to be photographed by me, but to stand in as the test lighting subject for a good chunk of the workshop class. Val is one of a group of really passionate emerging photographers in my area that I have met in the last few years of volunteering with ASMP and speaking to photo programs at schools in the area.

3 thoughts on “VALERIE KASINSKI”

  1. It was such a fun experience being photographed in a professional manner. The way your photos look 3D is one of my favorite aspects. I would love to do it again anytime. Thank you for taking the time to teach us lighting tips. You are a great teacher and person – I can’t wait to learn more.


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