John Camille

Portrait of John Camille

Over the past few months John Camille has become something of a fixture at my studio. Making a frequent appearance at wrap parties and post-shoot events alongside his girlfriend Nicole, a makeup artist and stylist who has been an important collaborator on many of my projects. A wiry and intense conversationalist, John will shift suddenly from a reserved chat about Alan Turing and artificial intelligence into a manic and fascinating sermon on the virtues of his preferred brand of Absinth – all during the course of a short portrait sitting. Naturally, he is a character that was quickly welcomed into the large and eccentric extended family of collaborators and friends that frequent my studio.

This image was actually taken after the majority of the session had taken place. The previously styled and neat hair that Nicole had styled for John had quickly devolved back into its usual wild and unruly norm  (It truly has an anti-authoritarian mind of its own, much like its owner) – so I pulled him back in front of the camera for a few more frames, including this one which became my favorite from the session.

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