Garrett Thomas

Buffalo NY native Garrett Thomas -  Magician, speaker, and consultant to celebrity illusionists like David Blaine and Marco Tempest.

This is an editorial portrait of Garrett Thomas, who is a magician, artist, and lecturer on the nature of the creative process well known in the global magic community. For over twenty years Garrett has been a creator of truly original illusions and worked as a consultant/instructor to celebrity magicians like David Blaine and Marco Tempest. In one of those strange small-world moments I had actually first met Garrett years ago after seeing one of his performances in Buffalo only to find out shortly after that my downstairs neighbor at the time was a good mutual friend of both of ours.  Since then I have been fortunate enough to see Garrett perform his amazing close up magic on many occasions and even had the pleasure of having dinner with him in the days leading up to this assignment – where we discussed our approaches to creativity and the similarities and differences between the worlds of magic and photography.

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