Once Vintage

There has been a long-standing collaboration between Marie Vaccarello and I – we started working together when she was just starting her career as a model and I was returning from my long self-imposed exile from the photography business to begin shooting again with a fresh start.  We have been lucky enough to work on some great projects together and have had clients send us on some pretty cool adventures. From the earliest days of shooting in my basement before I moved back into a studio, to rooftop productions on downtown buildings high above the street, legendary historical structures, and even in the remains of crumbling churches we have been lucky enough to continue to push each other to constantly be better at what each of us does. I love to work with Marie because in many ways she serves as a reminder of just how far I have come from a time when I almost gave up. Every now and then I go back and look at all the work we have created together throughout the years to see how much we have both grown as artists.

Most recently we came together to create some images for another friend of ours – stylist, curator, and designer Molly Hoeltke. Molly and I have worked on many editorial and commercial assignments together (more than a few with Marie), but recently Molly also launched her new fashion collection – Once Vintage, a sustainable fashion reuse project that brings together her eye for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and impeccable garment construction skills. Molly recreates past treasures by updating them with a modern aesthetic edge – both reducing waste and creating truly unique garments for her buyers.

Makeup: Stephanie Signorelli

Hair: Jessica A. Tozzo

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