Required Reading 2.3.2012

Required Reading is a weekly listing of all the bits of visual inspiration, cool videos, news, hip links, and miscellaneous information that rattles my head during the week. The stuff that’s worth bookmarking and gets my brain-juices flowing.

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Nubby Twiglet was interviewed by photography consultant Amanda Sosa Stone about her design process and helping to build brands for photographers (including me) | I Love Designers on the Scoop with Sosa Stone

• A hand drawn quote from one of my favorite books, The Little Prince. | Brain Pickings

• The most important article I read all week. A lot of you know how I feel about the awful negativity that is pervasive in the photography industry, I am glad to see blogs like that that are taking a stand against it and showing what they love about photography instead. | I love Photography. 

• While I don’t think the the first equine themed costume would fly today (except for some very specific and scary clientele) this look back at exotic dancers of the 1890’s is a fascinating exploration of changing aesthetic ideals and preferences. | How to Be a Retronaut

• Documenting the creation of an outdoor street art museum in the Wynwood district of Miami, FL. Check out this trailer for the docuseries Here Comes The Neighborhood below.

• John Keatley’s series of portraits of master bartender Murray Stenson are some of the best images I have seen online in weeks. Seeing stuff like this is like visual caffeine, it wakes you up and pulls you out of the online static. | Keatley Blog. 

• Think of how much more interesting everyday life would be if other cultures treated such mundane objects as works of art | The Art of The japanese Manhole Cover

• Eiko Ishioka recently passed away, she was a monumentally talented and Academy Award winning costume designer who is responsible for unforgettable outfits in the films of Tarsem Singh, Bjork videos, Cirque du Soleil performances. I love the work she created for Singh’s The Fall (one of the most visually intriguing films I have ever seen) | R.I.P. Eiko Ishioka

• David Ogilvy – in his own words – on his writing process and why he feels he is a lousy copywriter. Editing is a key skill for all creatives, you need to be able to cull your own bad ideas from the good | Letters of Note

• For all those photographers who are just starting to move into video, Chase Jarvis has posted a quick guide to audio and mics just for you| Buying Mics and Hacking Audio for Your DSLR Video Setup

• For my fellow camera nerds – a hidden camera look inside the B&H conveyor system by Lense. 

• The Affectmedia 2012 Calendar has me in stitches, I wish more companies did fun pieces like this. Oenophile Pinhead was my favorite of the bunch | Photography Served

• Stop aiming for the middle | Prepared to Fail by Seth Godin

• A mega-mix of all the overhead shots in Wes Anderson films cut together.

• Want to get going in the morning? Skip coffee and start listening to film scores while you get ready, by the time you are dressed you will feel like a badass western gunslinger or a spacefaring rogue – after that the rest of the day is easy! I suggest starting off with this one | Elmer Bernstein – Main Titles of the Magnificent Seven. 

• An extensive collection of film stills where the subject is breaking the fourth wall | Look at the Camera

• Rooftopping in Toronto – an incredible vantage point from above a city I love. |

• I am in love with this video of a five year old discussing her impressions on the logos and brand marks of different companies by Ladd Design

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