Rubber stamps by The Inkorporated

I was so excited for this package to come in the mail – I can get a bit nerdy about little things, but when I am working on new marketing and promo ideas it escalates to RPG level epic +1 nerdiness. A little while ago, in an edition of Required Reading, I posted about the The Inkorporated and the unique return letter press inspired return address stamps they were creating. They took on a custom commission for me to create not just a return stamp, but also stamps of some of my brand imagery, that will be used in the packaging of my recent magazine promo. 

Rubber stamps by The Inkorporated Rubber stamps by The Inkorporated

5 thoughts on “Stamps!”

    1. They are so cool Emily. I was ecstatic when the arrived from the Inkorporated. I have been using them to mark shipping packaging for my new magazine promo as I send it out to magazines and agencies across the country with great success – and for a myriad of other purposes around the studio. They have been immensely useful, and it is only the first week I have had them.


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