Required Reading 1.13.2012

Required Reading is a weekly listing of all the bits of visual inspiration, cool videos, news, hip links, and miscellaneous information that rattles my head during the week. The stuff that’s worth bookmarking and gets my brain-juices flowing.

I had some major clutter to tackle last month, and have still been organizing and re-organizing rooms as new furniture arrives and gets shuffled around, I wish this article had been out then to give me some more method to dealing with the post move mess | How to Tackle Your Clutter

I have really been fascinated by these Obsessives videos lately, it is always a joy to see people doing what they love. I highly recommend both the Absinthe and Soda Pop episodes, both of the these obsessives touch on the importance of honesty in crafting or selling something you are passionate about.

As a self-respecting comics/gaming nerd, how could I not love this? | The Freelancer featured a nice writeup this week on the end of the year posts written by me and Leslie burns on our respective blogs.

A little irony from Chase Jarvis might be just what you need to actually get off your butt and make that dream project happen today. | The Next Time You Have  A Great Idea

I think I fell a little bit in love this week. Punk Rock and Swiss design collide to make something absolutely amazing. I want to cover the world in these while listening to Black Flag. | Swissted

I can never like Star Wars the way many people do (You don’t go through life named Luke without learning to hate the trilogy just a bit), but I keep getting sucked in by these photos featuring Clone Troopers subbing in for some of the worlds most famous photographs. | 365 Days of Clones

There is no reason why this advice cannot apply to photographers and other creatives. It may be design specific, but the advice is quite universal. I especially like the words of wisdom from Stefan Bucher | 17 Designers Dish Their Best Advice

Is what you do bought or sold? an intriguing question from Seth Godin. | Sold Or Bought

I just love Vogue Italia’s parody of the home shopping channels and their delightfully sureal interpretation of the whole genre.

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