Personal Record 1.12.2012

Personal Record is an ongoing stream of the images I make outside of my professional career. The personal images, mobile images, outtakes, and random candid images that I take on whatever camera I happen to have handy at the time; a documentation of my day-to-day life and the things I come across that interest me visually. 

A look inside my office and whats going on right now.  I have been busy since the new year: assembling promos,   making some major overhauls to my portfolio, doing tons of research, and working on physically constructing a few things for the studio. I have also been methodically covering a lot of wall space with these little 4×4 prints of images I have taken over the years.

 Scallions and cilantro, the aftermath of one of Erin’s upcoming 29andhungry blog posts – a delicious batch of Thai soup.

Screen captures of some interesting outtakes from one of last weeks projects.

Going to see all my friends from the Nickel City Knockouts roller derby team in their first bout of the season was one of the most fun nights of the past few weeks – A few months ago I had shot a bunch of fun promo images for the team’s marketing and the girls hooked us up with some amazing front row seats for the season opener as an extra thank you.

 Some of my favorite behind the scenes images from a production with Once Vintage .

I made a new friend in the candy isle during a late night caffeine fueled trip to the grocery store.

A giant pile of prints before they were sorted and hung on the wall.

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