Required Reading 1.6.2012

Required Reading is a weekly listing of all the bits of visual inspiration, cool videos, news, hip links, and miscellaneous information that rattles my head during the week. The stuff that’s worth bookmarking and gets my brain-juices flowing.

• During my search for custom rubber stamps for a marketing project I came across this very hip company on Etsy called The Inkorporated who makes the must interesting return label stamp I have ever seen – totally letterpress chic.

• A older video, but one that came roaring back into my awareness this week when I was doing some research. There is something about this mixture of stutter stop fashion imagery and fluid organic motion that is really arresting | Phénomène by Christopher Warnow

• I’m not sure I’ll be able to get rid of all of these in my business, but I have been on a mission to be a leaner and meaner creative, and some of these, like getting rid of a filing cabinet, have been good first steps | 10 Things I no Longer Need for Freelance Success

• Looking back at some of the best from an entire year of one of my favorite fashion/photography blogs. Standouts for me included Libertine and High Heels Tomatoes | A Ben Trovato Year

• I read a lot of top ten lists and end of the year round-ups over the new year weekend  – one of the best was by Leslie Burns, whose real world and BS free take on marketing in 2012. This year is all about being real, living the YOU in your work, and making real connections with people | 10 Things to do for Your Biz in 2012 (The Gloves Come Off)

• Forget every other dance video you saw this year, this one by YAK FILMS totally blew me away. Featuring the NextLevel Squad and some serious Flexing, this is one of the best shot dance videos I have ever seen.

• Whether you love or hate him, Chase Jarvis has a talent, much like Seth Godin, for distilling those ideas you just can’t find the words for into a simple statement that changes the way you think about something | Find Your Thing and Do That Thing…

• Nubby Twiglet shared this recently and I wanted to pass it on to you. 2012 is all about showing some gratitude and building some real connections with clients and collaborators | Everybody Should Like Everybody

• As both a super duper camera nerd and a chronic insomniac, I naturally want to put these all throughout my house | Vintage Camera Night Lights

• ISO50 shares their top 15 music videos of 2011. The M83 video for Midnight City by Fleur & Manu is still my favorite of the year | ISO50’s Top 15 Music Videos of 2011

• And speaking of music –  I have not been able to stop listening to White Ring for weeks, if you like it down tempo and dark check them out | White Ring on Myspace. 

• This saturday I’ll be heading to the Queen City Roller Girls season kickoff bout to see my friends from the Nickel City Knockouts take on the Devil Dollies. If you enjoy fun, get out and come to a bout this season  | QCRG

• A collection of vintage British wrestling posters.

• I have been in so many tech and design firm offices that seem like they designed their workspaces specifically to meet the points in this article | 9 Quirky Things Every “Cool” Workplace is Required To Have. 

• Despite being one of my favorite film makers, Terry Gilliam often gives the most insightful, if slightly skewed interviews. Pigheadedness really might be one of the most important qualities for a young artist to have | Terry Gilliam: On Ideas, Unlearning, And Avoiding Debt

• I think one of the final statements of this post sums it up nicely “The fact that this piece of writing exists relaxes me” | Writing your personal mission statement with Gala Darling

• I have really loved this series by Vice that looks into the fashion events of countries not normally associated with fashion | Cambodia Fashion Week Part One

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