Personal Record 1.5.2012

Personal Record is an ongoing stream of the images I make outside of my professional career. The personal images, mobile images, outtakes, and random candid images that I take on whatever camera I happen to have handy at the time; a documentation of my day-to-day life and the things I come across that interest me visually. 

I got the first press proof of a very cool new promo piece I have been working on with Nubby Twiglet over the past few months. I could not be more impressed with how it turned out, and I will be sharing it more in-depth with you in the coming weeks.

Another discovery while I was unpacking boxes from my old place that hadn’t been opened in quite some time. This Konica now has a permanent spot displayed on my desk in my new workspace. I cannot remember at all where I got this camera, but I have had it for years.

A scene from a dinner with friends, those cooking stations had surprisingly flattering light.

A sample of my ever-growing selection of eyewear, I have been really obsessed with Warby Parker eye wear lately, which is where the bottom three styles came from.

Now that I am done moving, I have found that I have a lot more time to read some of my new books, and some of my old favorites, I have been working my way through this stack of art and photo books the last two weeks.

Winter has finally come to the area, and like every year, I find that I am fascinated by driving around and photographing some of the desolate and barren neighborhoods that are in a state of hibernation the life and energy of their summertime versions. I have always loved scenes like this.

A short series of black and white images that I created during a bad bout of insomnia earlier this week.

Another unearthed treasure from a long stored box, an old watch of  mine that I loved dearly, and thought I had lost years ago.

A little color to brighten up the otherwise sombre and subdued palette of this post.

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